A Mystery by MV
Love Forever, Mira
Letter #1 from Mira
Alex Arima, I’m sorry.
Before you do anything drastic, hear me out. Okay?
I can’t express how sorry I am that I decided to leave. But I had to do it. I can’t be here anymore due to dire circumstances. I’m gone, and you’ll never find me. Please move on with your life, and accept things.
I know you love me and I love you. But it’s over now, and I need you to move on without me.
There are things that can’t be explained, and maybe you’ll understand one day, but you definitely will not now. I’ve planned this, it wasn’t a spontaneous decision that I made when I did it so please understand. I’m not going to tell you why I’ve decided to leave the country, and why I can’t let you or anyone else look for me or know where I am. At least, I won’t tell you now.
And yes, I know about the promise ring. I’ve seen it at your apartment. It’s beautiful. Now sell it. You’ve always needed that money, more than I would need that ring. I don’t need it, Alex.
I’m going to tell you now that these letters won’t include my location. Don’t worry, nobody’s holding me captive, and I’m not in danger.
This letter is the first of many. An apology and an explanation.
These letters that I’ll be writing will be sent to you by someone who isn’t allowed to read them. Don’t go looking for them, they aren’t someone you will ever meet. The letters will come every other day.
I’ll be here far away, writing them to you.
I care for many people here in Washington, but now that I’ve left, I’ll never know if they’ll be okay. But I trust you, very much, and I just want to to meet them, and make sure they are okay.
Each letter will tell you of a different person. All you need to do is meet them. Maybe check up on them if you can. I care for all of them so please just try to stay on their good side. Also remember, most of them don’t know we’re together.
I’m not going to send anyone else letters, just you, so that’s why I need you to do this.
I know that your live your life because you love me, and nothing else, but don’t be upset that I’m gone. There’s still happiness left for you here. We can’t be together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find another lover. I’ll be fine too, but somethings have happened and you and I cannot see each other again.
Please just carry out my parting wish.
I’ll be here for you forever in the form of these letters.
I have attached a photo.
It’s the only picture I have of you. Just you alone. You didn’t like being photographed yourself, but you took pictures of literally everything else.
So many of your pictures are of me and us together, and other things you find beautiful. But you never stopped to look at yourself, deeming it was unfit.
That’s bull. I just never told you that.
But I still love you, and I hope you can start to move on without me. I need you stay calm. Everything is going to be okay. You’ll get another letter on Wednesday.
Love Forever,
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