Love in Parie
Chapter 1
I stand there watching Genevieve the love of my life scream and cry my name as the famous Eiffel tower collapses around me in a fury of metal and fire.All I can hear is her screaming my name over and over until eventually... nothing. She should be happy. I did this to save her, to stop her life from screeching to a shuddering halt.But then I realize she is nothing without me.As I lie under the wreckage slowly dieing I think about all the good times we had.I think about her warm arms around me, her sweet mint and lavender perfume and most of all her soft beautiful lips touching mine as we shared our first kiss.And as I lie in the dark slowly dieing I smile because I know I am the luckiest man alive and I silently hope my beloved Genivieve will find another man.All I want is for my dear Genevieve to be safe and as a white figure ascends upon me I smile once again and say a silent goodbye to my family and friends and most of all my love my everything Genevieve.I clutch the ring box in my pocket and ask God to do it quickly as my life comes to its end.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Landing in Paris

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