There’s a whole lot of love out there, but i don’t want to fall in love
Love Is A Curse
I don’t believe
Every time I walk through my school, I see girls and boys mingling.
I try to run, and around the next bend, I see more.
I ran up the stairs but it didn’t help. I see worse.
You see, this horror scene I am describing is Love (with a capital L). You might think that I am around the bend, and that you will tell me that love is no horror scene, and a thing that you should cherish. I beg to differ. Love is no happy memory. It is something that will break you, kill you and hurt you. That is just the truth. I am sorry.
I see girls reading those teenage romance books. They script their own lives of how they will get the hottest boyfriend, and how they will kiss and have their own little fireworks. But, you see, boys NEVER follow your script. They follow their own. If they get tired of you, they will just ditch you without second thought.
I walked my way to PE (Personal Development). My favourite class, yet my least favourite class at the same time. I walk into the room, and I see all my friends congregating around my table. Girls were standing in the outskirts giggling and talking. I made my way through the barricade of girls and went to my table.
“What are you guys doing?” And I literally meant guys, as in boys. I don’t have many friends that were girls, either they were too snobby, or too lovesick. Boys, well, they were just easier to handle.
“Hey, Sophia!” Brandon said, circling arm around my neck, “What were you doing?” The rest of the guys grinned at me.
“I would like to ask you the same thing, and why are you all gathered around my table?” I enquired.
The girls around us giggled. Brandon is considered one of the most hottest guys in our grade.
“Students! Get in your seats!” The teacher ordered.
Brandon smirked at me, and I lightly whacked him on the shoulder. Brandon went to his desk (which is by the way, next to mine) and sat down. The girls jealously stared at me.
What?! It’s not like his my boyfriend!! I seethed with rage.
“Now students, we are going do some partner work on balancing. You may choose your partners.”
Goodness. She just commenced the Hunger Games. The girls flooded towards Brandon and the guys. Did I tell you, that I hung out with the most popular and hottest boys? Well, when I just became friends with them I didn’t know.
The boys from here looked like tall trees in a mound of a huge pile of.. (what? rubbish???) They exchanged helpless looks at me. I just stood there wondering what in the name to do.
I exchanged a look of (god, why are girls so interested to do partner wok with boys? Can’t they just like, not be so interested and obsessed?” to my teacher. My teacher exchanged me an understanding smile. While I was looking at the teacher, I didn’t realise that Brandon managed to force his way out of the crowd.
Brandon sneaked up from behind and tickled at my sides. I started laughing. After numerous amounts of giggling from me, I asked, “Now why did you do that for?”
“I need you to be my partner.”
“Why don’t you ask Graylee? She is the hottest girl and she has a HUMONGOUS CRUSH ON YOU!” I jumped and squealed, acting like a really love sick girl.
Brandon grabbed me and messed up my hair. “You are so cute. You know, sometimes you can be a girly girl.”
“But I don’t wanna. Is my hair okay?” I asked, “We are going to have photos soon.” I said, patting down my hair.
“You look great.” Brandon said, “but back to the question, can you please be my partner?”
He gave me puppy eyes.
“Okay, okay.”
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