Sometimes we can’t send our love in person
Love, Kaydence
August 14th, 2016
Dear Audrina,
I can’t tell you how much I miss you. This summer has been long drawn out and lonely. A good visit with books and our custom Java Chip Frappuccinos is long overdue. Did you know they made an ice cream? It is amazing. Some days when I really need some sugar or in a negative, mood, I go out to buy the ice cream and the drink. And surprisingly, it is very satisfying. Sadly I won’t be seeing you until October. But I promise I will try my best to get a copy of all the notes to help you catch up.
Speaking of catching up... There are so many things that I have been dying to tell you. You know how you always teased me on being the single virgin and crazy old cat lady? Well, I think I might have changed that. 3 weeks ago I ran into a white boy. I didn’t intend to be racist or rude. It’s just that he was in all white, has very pale skin, and eating a white popsicle. His hair was even white, very white. Like albino but on purpose. He chose to be in all white. I don’t understand how he can stay so crisp and clean. Or not get wet from sprinklers. Or not get sweaty from the heat? Or maybe get his shoes dirty or stepped on by someone? He’s just always somehow so super clean in his all-white outfits. Maybe one day I will sketch him and send you the picture.
We were... Well, I was walking on the pier just before sunset, and there he was. And you know how walking before sunset alone is my thing. Well, now it is just... almost draining. I am alone, the sunset isn’t as bright and sunny as it used to be.
At first I didn’t see him, all of that blended into the wall he stood beside. I had my headphones in and too engrossed in a text from Xavier. He has been on my ass lately about where you are and why you won’t talk to him. I guess I am some magic helper and I could use my powers to get you two back together. Your ex is trying really hard in getting you back, perhaps y’all should talk?
Anyways... I didn’t notice him and tripped over his violin. He plays the violin. Thankfully, my clumsiness didn’t harm anyone or anything and the violin is in good shape. He stumbled too and the popsicle landed on my brand new lavender bomber jacket. This is the most amount of color I have ever seen him in. Bomber jackets are the newest rage now. Of course, the largest stain ever was on the colored part of the jacket. And Albino Boy was ever so sweet about it. He took my jacket and ran it to the cleaners for me. Which was coincidentally close by. We waited 2 and half hours for it to finish, and it looks good as new! We continued walking down the pier like nothing happened and talked like old friends. The next day, he came to my counter at work with white t-shirts. He likes to design t-shirts for people who need them and for himself. We talked some more and exchanged numbers. Turns out he was an exchange student and was at school last year. I have no idea how I never noticed him before.
Wish you were here, Kaydence
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