Love Notes
Lucy sighed as she flipped through her textbook. Abby was flipping her pages restlessly and looked up at the fifth sigh that Lucy had given.
“What’s up?” she asked.
Lucy looked up at her friend, her cheek smooshed from leaning on her palm. “What do you mean?”
“You’ve been sighing this whole time. What’s eatin’ you?”
Shaking her head, Lucy pointed to her textbook and tried reading again. Abby shut the textbook and tossed a candy bar on top.
“Break,” she said. “You’ve studied for over 25 minutes.”
Lucy rolled her eyes and obeyed. The wrapper crinkled as the tore it open. Peanut butter scent drifted to her nose and made her mouth water.
“Now tell me.”
“Candy first,” said Lucy, pointing her finger into the air and taking a bit. “Alright. What do you do when you start to see two best buds getting upset with each other over the same thing?”
Abby tilted her head and looked up. “I guess it depends on what it is. If they need to just grow up, then they need to grow up. Some things aren’t worth the price of your friendship.”
“Mmh,” Lucy nodded.
“You’re not fighting with Cam, are you?” she asked, her eyebrows scrunching.
“Oh no. Cam and I are Jim-dandy,” she said through her peanut butter and chocolate. “In fact, he said he’d back off for a little while.”
“What?! What’s going on? Why do you hate him all of the sudden?” she asked, standing up and leaning on the table. “Before we started going to school, you two were attached at the hip. Now you’re all awkward and almost hostile. I was beginning to like the thought of you guys getting married someda-“
“What?” Lucy asked. “I-ok, wait. First off, I do not hate Cameron. He is my best friend, next to you, and I could never just abandon him. Second, marriage is not...I don’t know. I’m not really ready for that sort of a commitment. I...”
Abby waited.
“I’m not ready to make up my mind about marriage. It’s not what I’m looking for.”
“Really, Lucy?”
Lucy looked at her.
“I need a third answer. What is going on?
Lucy sighed. “It’s the boys. I think they’re cute and I really do enjoy them, but number one, I don’t see myself getting into the show business. It’s not about stage fright anymore. You know what my plan is. I’m here, at school, and training to do what I want to do. Number two...”
“Number two has to do with them individually, doesn’t it?” said Abby.
“Sort of...Abby, I think I’m crushing on them, but...something tells me it’s not really going to last...I’m just confused. Then the other night, they were fighting over me - passively, thank goodness - and I’m just scared of a confrontation like that.”
Lucy hid her face in her arms, her voice mottled from the table. “I’m just so unsure of what’s happening and what I’m supposed to do.”
Abby came around the table and rubbed her hand on Lucy’s back.
“I’m sorry, Lu. I didn’t know about any of this...but now that I do, we can start to fix it, right?”
“I’m not sure...I’m afraid I’m going to hurt all three of us and it’s not going to get fixed. Not in time for the competition or for their friendship. If they’ve already started fighting over me...when will they just...snap?”
After the conversation over closed textbooks, Abby and Lucy agreed to take a pause on the studying and go get something to munch on. They talked all about boys, dreams, and laughed, too.
Lucy went home, opening up her purse, trying to find her chapstick.
She unzipped and zipped the different pockets.
“There you are!”
Pulling out the blue and white tube, she released a slip of paper from it’s leather prison of money, receipts, and cosmetics. The paper caught her eye as it fluttered to the ground. She picked it up and opened it. The chapstick dropped to the ground.
“Oh no.”
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