Love Notes
Abby was excited, to say the least. She read and reread the new note over and over and over again. Lucy wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She like the thought of someone liking her, but with everything that was going on...It just didn’t sit well in her mind.
“So,” said Lucy. “What do you think?”
Abby fiddled in her bag.
“Abby, are you ever gonna solve this thing with the notes?”
Biting her lip, Abby read the note one last time.
“Well...It’s difficult. We only know a few people around. Plus, this whole thing feels so childish. Leaving notes and expecting you to know who they are, or thinking that you’ll fall madly in love with them - but you won’t see them. It’s pointless.”
Lucy nodded and shrugged. “So what do I do with them? Do I toss them out or do I save them all to show to my grand-kids someday?”
Abby laughed and gave the note back to Lucy.
“I don’t know. Maybe just keep them until the year is up. Then, if the anonymous shows their face, you can make sure you haven’t broken their heart by getting rid of the notes.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
They left the room. Abby turned to her.
“What are your plans for tonight?”
“We got a gig somewhere. I’m just hoping the boys aren’t still fighting...”
“Yeah...that’s no fun.”
Abby hugged Lucy and left. Lucy went home, hoping things would clear up and she wouldn’t be stuck drifting in an aimless direction looking for a real point to all of this. She was so tired of boys and all the fuss. College was at the top of her agenda. That’s all she wanted to have to worry about. Once she had finished, then she’d start looking for love. Maybe she wasn’t cut out for romance. She liked the idea of sharing life with someone, but it seemed so far off.
The performance went well. All three of them enjoyed their time on stage and the owner of the place was thrilled. They were invited to come again. Afterwards, they decided to sit and have something to eat. It was becoming a trend, eating out with these two. As they sat there, watching the next group get ready to perform, Lucy couldn’t help but notice a strange hostility between Joshua and Henry.
She didn’t say anything, but she tried to act neutral to them both. This wasn’t about love. This was about getting over her fears and blessing other people with her talents. Now she was here, letting people enjoy her voice while getting less and less afraid of others hearing her. Maybe it was time to...
The room suddenly got loud. It was hotter, foggier, and cramped. Lucy didn’t mind, but it was so sudden. The people who had watched Lucy, Henry, and Joshua were all mingled with the new crowd. Joshua and Henry got up. Lucy followed them. They were jostled into the bunches of people.
“What happened?” asked Lucy above the noise.
“The next band must be something,” said Joshua.
Henry grabbed both of them before they could get separated. “Yeah...wonder who they are.”
As if the band had heard his wondering, they started playing. Lucy looked to the stage, her eyes widening as she recognized them. The Dead Memories. She glanced at the boys, they had their mouths open.
“What’s the matter?” she asked.
“They’re reeling in our audience...” said Joshua.
“People are allowed to like more than one band,” said Henry.
“But...we aren’t even the same genre...”
“They’re rock,” said Lucy. “They wanted me to join them.”
Their heads snapped to her.
“That was just before you offered me a place with you guys. I’m much better off with you, though.”
Smiles grew on their faces.
The smiling stopped.
“Never mind,” she said, smiling herself. “Let’s get out of here.”
Two hands came on her back, escorting her out of the building, while glared brewed just over her head. Lucy left the two as quick as she could.
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