Love Notes
Lucy hated herself. Not herself really. She just hated the fact that she was the one who could possibly be breaking Joshua and Henry’s relationship. What was she compared to their lifelong friendship? She didn’t want to be placed above that...not unless one of them was going to commit, and commit big. Besides, Lucy wasn’t ready to go into all that now. She was in school and working on school. No time for monkey business.
Flopping backwards onto her bed, covered in the quilt she had brought from back home. It was creme colored with tiny pink flowers all blooming off of one long, green stem. It was girly and pretty and she couldn’t part with it. Her mother had taught her to use the sewing machine with this first attempt at a quilt. Maybe it wasn’t the best, neatest job, but it worked. It kept her warm and cozy and made her happy.
Her cell phone rang on the desk. Grunting as she got up, Lucy answered.
“Lucy,” said Abby’s voice. “We need to get together...I think I figured it out...”
“What? The note? Ok, I’ll be right over.”
They hung up and Lucy grabbed her light blue jacket. She put her arms through and left the house. Her bike was waiting, right where she left it, and she hopped on. The drive to Abby’s place wasn’t far, and it was so pretty. All the trees were orange, red, and yellow. The sun hit the colors with a dusty haze and it made everything look warm. It was just the kind of thing that Lucy loved about sunshine.
Abby was sitting on the front steps when Lucy arrived. She came right up to meet her.
“Are you ready?” she asked.
Lucy shrugged. “As ready as I’ll ever be. Besides, I’m not ready for a relationship right now. I’m holding off, remember?”
“Maybe I should wait, then...” said Abby, pausing. “I don’t think...”
“What, Abby?”
Abby let out a breath. “I just don’t think that it would do any good for either of you to have this information out right now if that’s how you feel. It will not end all sunshine and roses...”
Lucy tossed her head to the side and folded her arms.
“Are you saying you know the person?”
Abby nodded.
“Very. He’d be very hurt if you...up and rejected him.”
“I see,” said Lucy.
She stepped away from the bike.
“Do you have some tea or something? Let’s go inside. I don’t want to think about guys.”
“Yeah,” Abby said, her face perking up.
Abby and Lucy had settled down into the couch, watching a movie and drinking steamy tea with cookies. Lucy’s phone buzzed.
Hey, can you come over?
It was Cam. Lucy smiled.
At Abby’s. Maybe tomorrow?
6:30 ok?
Yup :)
Great :) can’t wait to see you!
Lucy paused, her heart beginning to sound loud. Drawing slow breaths, she glanced at Abby, engrossed in the movie, and picked her words carefully.
See you then!
Giving herself a nod of approval, Lucy pocketed her phone and went back to watching the movie with Abby, her mind often wandering to Cam.

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