Love Notes
Half-trotting into the large doors of the college, Lucy tightened the grip on her backpack straps. As she walked through the halls she saw people she only knew slightly, and others she saw those she didn’t know at all. The sounds of sneakers on the floor and random bursts of laughter mixed with the smell of fresh paint made her finally get into ‘school mode’. She smirked a bit as she thought about it.
Reaching the door to her first class, Lucy took a breath and entered the room. Instantly she spotted Abby and made a beeline straight to the empty seat next to her. Abby was bright and cheerful like she always was. Sitting down, she bid her friend a ‘good morning.’
“Hey, guess what?” she asked, tauntingly.
“Did you figure out who it was?”
With a smirk Abby answered, “mmmaybe...”
“Nope. I just wanted to tell you you look fabulous.”
She tried her best not to laugh at Lucy. Lucy glared playfully.
“Thank you, oh secretive one.”
Both were laughing now. Lucy noticed something, or someone, that kept catching Abby’s eye. Their professor began his ‘blah’ lectures and Lucy pretended to be engrossed in thought of his speech. Sneaking a peak from the corner of her eye, she noticed that Abby was fully engrossed in something other than long words and monotone voice. Slowly Lucy peeked her head around Abby’s to the subject of interest. Just as I thought. This interesting subject was the one and only, James. Lucy let her face break out into an evil grin.
Abby suddenly flinched and turned around. Lucy worked her eyebrows. Abby rolled her eyes, blushed, and looked down at the suddenly incredible notebook on her desk. Trying her best not to laugh, she peeked again at James who was now staring at Abby. She giggled again and focused (for real) on her professor.
Lucy tried hard to hold back the laughter welling inside her chest. Abby made a face.
“Please? Do you think he likes me?” she whimpered.
Lucy couldn’t suppress the grin breaking out on her lips.
“Well... I dunno. It’s difficult to tell when-,” Abby cut her off.
“When what?”
“When I can’t see past your fat head to see him.”
Now she was laughing freely.
“It’s not that fat, is it?”
Lucy laughed even harder. Grabbing a lock of her blonde hair, Abby freaked out.
“It is big!”
Putting a hand on her good friend’s shoulder, Lucy shook her head.
“No, it’s perfect.”
Instantly perked back up, Abigail pulled her phone out of her bag. Shoving it in Lucy’s face, she announced, “Cameron is taking us out to lunch!”
Lucy shoved the phone back out of her face and came nose-to-nose with Abby.
“But what about studying? And, the note?” she asked frantically.
Putting Lucy back out of her face to a friendly distance, Abby reassured her.
“It will all be fine. Besides, you cannot pass up free food.”
Linking arms, the two left the building. They hopped onto their bikes and rode off towards town. A few quickly passing moments and they were there. Cameron was outside, waiting. Lifting out of their bikes, they greeted him. He smiled his calm smile and said ‘hello’.
“Have you been waiting long?” asked Abby.
“Nope. Just got here a couple minutes ago,” he answered with a smile.
Cameron opened the door and let them in. Turning back, Abby poked Lucy.
“Knowing Cam, he’s probably been here since they opened,” she said, teasing him.
The three shared a laugh and went in.
A hostess in all black met them and smiled.
“How many?”
“Three,” Cameron said in a business-like voice.
Picking up three menus, she started off, throwing a, “follow me,” over her shoulder.
They were soon seated in the far back where it was dark, warm, and lit by low-lights.
“Wow,” said Abby pulling out her chair, “this place is great.”
“You haven’t even been here a full minute yet, Abigail.”
“Yes, but I have that sixth sense,” she said smiling.
“So...” said Cam opening up a menu.
Abigail and Lucy followed suit. Cameron peeked over his menu.
“What? Am I really that weird?” he asked.
Lucy shared a look with Abby and they both ducked behind the menus leaving Cameron clueless. Soon enough, the waiter arrived and they all ordered. Abby became fidgety in her seat. Both Cam and Lucy stared.
“Abby, you can go, you know.”
Abby looked up, slightly embarrassed.
“I was getting to that...”
“I think your mom was right about not letting you have access to the internet all the time until she couldn’t control you anymore...”
Standing, Abigail sniffed, and strutted - basically ran - to the restrooms. Cam and Lucy laughed together.
“She’s been much preoccupied, I see,” said Cam.
“Oh, yes.”
“The typical social media?”
“Actually,” said Lucy, “she’s become attached to someone in our class.”
Cam’s attitude changed.
“James Lindner,” she said, nonchalantly.
Lucy couldn’t tell what sort of feeling Cameron was having. It was almost like jealousy, but not quite. More of fear, or caution. Maybe a sort of realization.
“She’s suddenly obsessed with him.”
“What about James?”
“He’s pretty interested, from what I’ve seen.”
Lucy flipped her hand open on the table. Cameron stared at it for a moment, and then he looked back at Lucy. His green eyes stared deep into the soul of her own brown ones. Her heartbeat began to pick a up speed for reasons unknown. Cam swallowed hard.
“Uh...Lucy. What if-,”Abigail killed the moment.
“Hey! Who’d a thought of actually giving customers those little floss-er things?” she said, flossing between her bottom molars.
“Instead of toothpicks?” Lucy asked, laughing.
“Yeah. I mean, it’s nice and all, but it isn’t hardcore... like when you get a real nice steak and you cut off a juicy piece and then, bam ! Your teeth are filled with little, impossible-to-get-out pieces.”
“Totally,” nodded Lucy, not even noticing Cameron anymore.
Before anything else could be discussed, their waiter returned with three cool glasses and three steamy plates.
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