Love Notes
Wednesday came quicker than Lucy thought it would. She got herself a water bottle and headed to a meeting place. So many thoughts came through her mind as she rode to see Henry and Joshua. Henry Bridges, Joshua Dewsey, and Lucy Allman. Butterflies filled her stomach when her name was added. Turning a corner, she saw the address she was looking for. She hopped off her bike and went inside. There was Henry and Joshua. Joshua smiled a cute and bright smile, and Henry waved her over.
Lucy blushed a little when Henry looked down at her. Joshua pulled out a piece of paper from a dark blue folder on the table. His eyes lit up.
“So, Lucy, you want to start right now?” he asked.
“Sure, whatever you guys would normally do.”
Henry pulled a guitar from it’s case and fiddled with the strings. Joshua showed Lucy the lyrics. Humming a few notes with the guitar, Henry gave Joshua a nod. Joshua nodded back. With that, Henry began strumming and after a measure or two, Joshua began singing. Lucy got butterflies from the way Joshua sang. His rang was awesome and his voice was beautiful. By the end of the song, Lucy was ready.
“Just harmonize here and there when you want, and then you can sing the bridge,” said Josh.
Again they began. Lucy came in during the first chorus. Henry and Josh smiled at her. They sang the second verse and chorus, and then Lucy soloed the bridge. After they finished, Joshua rubbed his chin.
“Say, Lucy, can we switch this up a bit?” he asked.
Lucy nodded. Joshua hummed the notes he wanted, and they sang again. It was the beginning of a journey.
When Lucy got home, she felt freer than she had in a long time. Hiding behind insecurity was bondage. She noticed a missed call on her cell. Plopping on the couch, Lucy listened to the message. It was Cameron. She decided to call him back so he wouldn’t get all whiny. Dialing, she sighed.
“Hey, Cam.”
“Oh, hey, Lucy,” he said in a way that made Lucy break out in a cold sweat.
“You called me earlier?” she asked.
“Yeah. I was going to see if you wanted to go to the beach with me, but I have to go to work in a little bit.”
“Oh, sorry. I, well. I joined a band.”
“Really?” he seemed surprised.
“Yeah, there’s three of us. Joshua Dewsey, Henry Bridges, and me.”
“Cool... what are they like?”
“They’re nice.
“Nice?” he seemed skeptical.
“Yeah... and funny,” she said, remembering how Josh had made her laugh so hard.
“Ok, well, I guess I should go.”
“Bye, Cam.””Bye.”
Lucy hesitated. Cameron never said goodbye without naming the person he was saying goodbye to. She wondered if he was alright. Shrugging it off, she texted Abby.
Hey, what’s up?
LUCY you’ll never guess!!!!
I bet I will
But I won’t let you :) JAMES ASKED ME OUT!!!
I’m so excited!!
That’s great
What should I wear, Lu?
Do you want me to come help you out?
Lucy grabbed a bag and headed out the door and down the street on her bike.

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