Love Notes
Helping Abigail was a fight. She was so unsure of herself and what James really thought. Lucy knew he really did care for Abby. The way he looked at her that day in class, there was no doubt in Lucy’s mind. The problem was getting Abby to accept herself. She really was pretty and wanted good things. Eventually Lucy convinced her to just be natural and she saw Abby hop into James’s car and drive away. Satisfied with her work, Lucy headed home.
Lucy imagined Abby and James as a married couple. It was so cute! Not only was it cute, but they would actually make a great couple. Who would make a good couple with Lucy? Shutting her door behind herself, she pondered it. Who was compatible with her? What was she like? Well, she was a shy, loved music, and liked lazy days. Should she find someone like her, or the whole “opposites attract” deal?
Lucy began to imagine what it would be like to be a couple with Joshua. He was a bit business-like, funny, and rather outgoing. They have a strong relationship in the fact that he was strong in her weak spots, and vice versa. But did he care any about building a family? Unsure, she imagined her life with Henry. He was quiet, sweet, and melancholy. She related to him a lot and was very curious about him. Just thinking about him brought her heart-rate up. Maybe...
Lucy rounded the corner. Two hands grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her.
“Lucy! You’ll never guess what happened!”
Joshua’s face was glowing.
“What?” Lucy
“We got an invitation to compete against another band next month!”
Lucy blinked.
“Yes! It’s going to be a great opportunity for us.”
“What does Henry say?”
“Henry says he’s excited and proud of us,” said a voice from behind her.
Lucy turned around to Henry’s warm smile.
“We’re going to need to work regularly to perfect our work,” Joshua said, directing it to Henry.
Henry looked into Lucy’s eyes with an ‘are you sure’ look.
“Will you be able to do this, Lucy?”
Lucy felt the adrenaline pump through her. Her eyes widened. Something about the way he looked down at her made her crazy.
“Y-yeah. I can do that,” her voice was soft and almost sounded questioning.
“Good,” he said and he placed one hand on her cheek for a split second.
As Lucy felt her face get hot, Henry turned towards Joshua who was trying to hide a face he had made.
“When and where?” asked Henry.

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