Love Notes
Lucy sat between Cam and Abby. James was sitting next to Abby. Lucy shot her a ‘told you so’ look. The date had gone well. Abby ducked her head and smiled big. Letting go of the perfect moment to tease her, Lucy turned her head. Cam looked away, sheepishly. There was a tint to his face one shade darker than normal. Lucy felt the same tinge of color flood her own face and the recurring cold sweat break out.
What was the deal?
Sitting next to him became uncomfortable. She could hardly focus, and her eyes would go from the page to the hand that was oh-so close to hers. Just focus, Lucy.
Sometimes she could feel him gazing at her. It was awkward, and she pretended not to notice. Her heart rate kept going up and the class seemed to never end. Time was her biggest enemy in this space that seemed to be shrinking and warmer than usual.
By the end, she had only met Cam’s shy gaze three times. That was enough for her. The four of them stood, and Lucy turned to Abby.
Please be free.
“Hey, do you want to go get lunch?” she asked in a hurry.
“Oh,” said Abby. “Well, James and I were planning on going for lunch...but I’m sure you and Cam could go!”
Lucy could feel her face turn crimson.
“Umm...” she said, looking at Cam. A tiny smile seemed to grow on his face. Looking back to Abby, she answered as quickly as possible, “actually, I think I just remembered...”
Without finishing, she pushed past Cam and rushed out of the room. She tried to ignore the pang of disappointment on his face as she did. It would only cause trouble to try to fix it. He would get over it in a day or two.
Unfortunately, Lucy didn’t know if she would be able to get over it so quickly.
It’s nothing. It’s not like that. “Just continue on with your normal life, Lu.

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