have you ever met a cupid? Me neither.
Love makes fools of us all- and apparently, zombies?
“My thoughts exactly,” said Michelle in an injured tone. “You just made me waste a perfectly good arrow!”
“Not what I meant,” I grunted, attempting to look out the window while tied to a tipped-over chair. The arrow dissolves into thin air as I watch, and Toby sits up, looking confused.
“But what else could you have meant?”
“That you just hit Toby Schmucks , the most annoying kid ever created- with an ‘arrow of love’. Now he’s gonna find some poor girl and make her life a misery.”
“Well, if they all just stay out of his way, nothing will happen.”
I switched my gaze to him as best as I could, given that he was standing behind me and I was still tied to a chair. “What do you mean by that?”
Michelle looked astonished. “A person hit by a Cupid’s arrow falls in love with the first person they see. Didn’t you know that?”
I stiffened, and look out the window again.
Toby was staring right at me.
I think he was drooling.
That had to be the single worst- and most disgusting- thing that had ever happened to me.
Meanwhile, Michelle was chattering on about the exceptions to the ‘falling in love with the first person you see’ rule. “-like a family member, because falling in love with your parents would be gross and weird-“
“Michelle?” I asked slowly.
“-and nobody wants that, but-“
“He’s looking at me,” I said in a horrified tone.
“What?” Michelle said again. He came over and stared out the window with me. “So I did create love for you after all! I’m not a failure!”
He jumped around, whooping in delight. I stared out the window at Toby, as he got up and started crossing the street.
“Michelle!” I practically screamed his name.
“Yes?” he replied, mid-fist-pump.
“Fix this! Now!”
“I refuse to fall in love with him!”
“Now! And untie me from this chair!” I banged my fist against the wall.
“Alright, geez! No need to get so worked up about it!” Michelle bent and quickly untied the rope, just as a knock sounded on the door.
I stood, brushing myself off. “If he tries to kiss me, I’m going to kill you,” I warned Michelle.
He grinned in response.
I inched over to the door, and carefully opened it.
“I love you, Trixie,” Toby breathed, and leaned in.
I screamed, and launched myself at Michelle.
Half an hour later, both Michelle and I collapsed on the couch.
“I’m gonna... get you...for this...” I panted, surveying the damage. White feathers were everywhere, cushions were scattered, furniture had been overturned, and a single sock was hanging from the ceiling fan.
Toby was pressing his face against the window, making lovey expressions and drooling. I shuddered, and turned away.
“It’s like he’s turned into some kind of... love zombie or something.”
Michelle looked at me. “Love zombie?”
“Yeah. He’s brain-dead, and drooling. Though that’s not much different than usual... I guess it’s just like he’s asking for kisses and love letters instead of brains?”
“I like it. It’ll become a new phrase among Cupids, you just wait.” He winked at me.
Anyway,” I said pointedly. “You still haven’t told me how we’re supposed to fix him.”
“But I was doing so well-“
“Michelle,” I warned.
“Fine,” he sighed, obviously too worn out to argue further. “You have to make a cake.”
“A cake? That’s it?”
“Give me a paper and pen, and I’ll write down the recipe.”
I obliged, and he began to scribble meaningfully on the paper.
“Done!” he said finally, handing me the paper.
I glanced down at what he had written.
“Oh, come on!”

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Chapter 3

Cake fixes everything

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