have you ever met a cupid? Me neither.
Cake fixes everything
1 crushed phoenix feather
1/2 cup fairy dust
2 slime balls
1 lost dream
3 love letters
Cake batter
Mix ingredients. Bake.
“Is this even a real recipe? Michelle, how am I supposed to get these things? Phoenix feathers, lost dreams, fairy dust? Fairies don’t even exist!”
“Careful,” Michelle said, sucking on the end of my pen. “Every time you say that, a fairy dies.”
I scowled at him, and snatched the pen back, wiping it on my pants. “Give me that. I don’t need more of your magical spit.”
“It’s only magical when combined with a Cupid’s arrow,” Michelle said.
“Magical or non-magical, it’s still gross!”
He stuck his tongue out at me.
I glanced at Toby, now breathing on the window and drawing love-hearts in the mist. I grimace and look back at Michelle.
“Existent or not, I need that fairy dust! You’re helping me find these things,” I added, in case he decided to leave. “It’s your fault I’m in this mess in the first place!”
“If you’d just stayed still-!”
“Then we’d be making the cake for me. Either way, it’s still your fault.”
“This is totally unfair,” Michelle muttered, pouting.
“Whatever. Okay, first ingredient- A phoenix feather.” I tapped my finger against my lip, thinking. “Phoenixes are the ones that get reborn in fire, right? Right. So if I just crush a feather, and burn it, it’ll be practically the same! Your spell won’t care, will it?”
“I knew it! Now we just need a feather and some matches...”
I opened the door and went outside to look for a feather- then quickly darted back inside. I slammed the door and leaned against it, breathing heavily.
“Um. We need to get rid of him first.”
“Can’t you just accept that he loves you and move on? Will it really be that bad?”
Yes.“ I glared at Michelle.
“Okay!” he said hurriedly.
My eyes fall on the rope and chair I was in earlier. “Do you think you could work some magic and tie him up same as you did me?”
“Magic doesn’t work that way! I can only use it on the one who I came down here for- aka, you.”
“You used it on him to make him like this.”
“And see what happened? I’m not doing it again!”
I sigh. “All right. Plan B.”
Five minutes later, I was positioned behind the door with a tennis racket in hand. I slowly edged it open, and Toby stopped drooling in front of the window and practically skipped over to the door.
As he stepped inside, I yelled. “Now, Michelle!” I smashed the tennis racket over his head.
The net snapped, and suddenly there was a very confused looking Toby standing inside my front door with a tennis racket around his neck.
Yeah, I’m not sure how I expected it to work either.
Michelle still hadn’t shown himself- did he fall asleep? Toby was regaining his senses. He looked at me, and put his arms out for a hug.
I screamed, and vaulted over the couch.
Where Michelle was waiting.
He yelled, and grabbed me from behind, wrapping his arms around me to stop me escaping.
“Let go of me!” I struggled out of his grip. “What are you doing?”
“It’s not my fault you jumped at me instead of him!”
“I yelled at you to get him before! How could you not hear me, I was right next to you!”
“So that’s what you meant!”
“Of course! Why else would I yell ‘Now, Michelle?’”
He shrugged.
Exasperated, I grabbed the rope and crawled out from behind the couch. Toby was still standing where I left him, the tennis racket around his neck. His face broke into a grin when he saw me, and he began his love zombie shuffle towards me, his arms out.
I forced myself to remain where I was. When he reached me, I quickly spun him around, and pinned his arms to his body with the rope. He offered no resistance, and allowed me to frogmarch him out to the shed, where I promptly shut the door, locking him in.
And, there just lying on the front lawn, was a perfect black feather.
Ten minutes later I had a small bowl full of feather ashes. Michelle looked slightly disgusted from the burning feathers smell.
“What are you going to do now?” he asked.
“The rest of the ingredients don’t sound too hard...” I quickly scanned them again. “Fairy dust- I’ll use glitter, it’s practically the same. Slime- also easy, I learnt how to make it last year. I can write a few love letters, shouldn’t be too hard. There’s cake mix in the pantry. But the lost dream...” I tapped my finger against my lip.
“I know! The kids have an Easter egg hunt at the park every year, there’s sure to be at least lost egg that dreams of being found.”
“You seem to have this worked out pretty well,” Michelle said- almost nervously, I thought.
“Being organised is my specialty. Now, are you ready?”
Michelle opened his mouth. I took that as a yes.
“Then let’s go!”

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