have you ever met a cupid? Me neither.
Cured? Ahahahaha...

No, of course not.
I had: a small bowl of feather ashes, a bench full of slime (and some in a bowl), a bottle of glitter, an ancient chocolate Easter egg and one and a half love letters.
Now I was lying on the living room floor, with paper, a pen, and my tongue sticking out the side of my mouth in concentration.
“And I will always love you forever and ever...” I muttered, as I finished writing and signed the letter. “There!”
“Don’t you think you should, um, maybe find some real love letters?” Michelle asked. “I’m pretty sure fake ones don’t count.”
“They are real.” I pulled another sheet of paper towards me and tapped my pen against my nose, trying to think of what to write next.
“No they’re not. You don’t have anyone to write one to- wait, you don’t mean to tell me you have a boyfriend?!”
“No, of course not. I don’t want a boyfriend.” I rolled over on my back to look up at him. “I thought we established this already?”
“Who are you writing the love letters to then?”
“You’re writing love letters... to yourself?”
“Yep. Now shut up and let me concentrate. I need to finish this before my mum gets home!” I rolled back onto my front and started writing again.
“When does your mum get home?”
“Five-thirty...Ahh!” I jumped up as I saw the time. “I’ve only got an hour to make the cake and clean this mess up!”
I quickly scribbled the end of the last love letter, and signed it.
“Okay!” I said enthusiastically. “I’ve got all the ingredients, now I just have to bake the cake!”
“Um... Trixie?”
“You get the cake mix out of the pantry, and I’ll get a bowl and a pan out!”
“Shush! You’re no help at all,” I complained, getting the cake mix out myself. “You’ve done exactly nothing to help make this at all!”
“That’s because-“
“Can you pass me the milk?” I said, scanning the back of the cake mix box. I tipped it into the bowl, and reached my hand behind me for the milk, which Michelle passed to me with a sigh.
“You know, you could try listening to me occasionally,” he grumbled.
“And you could try actually helping once in a while,” I said, stirring vigourously. I tipped the feather ashes in, and stirred until they’d dissolved into the mix.
“Well, I-“
“Pass me the half-cup measure,” I said, holding one hand out behind me. “Hurry up!”
Michelle gave me the measure, and I carefully poured half a cup of glitter into the bowl, stirring it in.
“Slime balls now,” I said, looking at the pitiful amount in the bowl, and glancing at Michelle’s recipe. I rolled what’s in the bowl into a ball, and put it in.
“Right... um, we’ll have to scrape the rest off of the benches.” I gave Michelle a spatula, and began to scrape the slime with one of my own.
“This is gross,” Michelle complained, halfheartedly prodding at the slime.
“Duh, it’s slime. It’s meant to be gross!”
“That doesn’t mean I want to touch it!”
“You were touching it earlier. You thought it was cool.” I made another slime ball, and added it to the bowl. “Are you nearly done with that?”
I turned to see that he had merely pushed the slime around, rather than making it into a ball.
“Why do you have to be so unhelpful! It’s your fault any of this is even happening, the least you could do is attempt to help!” I took the spatula off of him, and made the last slime ball myself.
“It’s just as much your fault as mine,” Michelle said, washing his hands. “If you’d just let me hit you with the arrow-“
“Then we’d be in an even worse position!” I said. I crushed the Easter egg and added it to the mix (wrapper and all, I wanted to be safe).
I wouldn’t be.”
“How do I add the love letters? Do I rip them up? Or do I use them like pastry and turn it into a pie?”
“Rip them up, I think.” I ripped the love letters into tiny pieces, and stirred them into the batter.
I poured the mixture into the pan, and put it into the oven. I set a timer, and sighed in relief.
“Phew. That went much quicker than I expected. We’ve got plenty of time to clean and give Toby the cure now!”
I turned around and gulped.
“On second thoughts, we really need to hurry.”
“How did this even get up here?” I asked, wrinkling my nose as I took the sock off the ceiling fan with a stick.
“Beats me,” Michelle said. I’d given him a broom, and he was sweeping the feathers into a pile.
“All right,” I said, throwing the sock into the laundry and putting my hands on my hips. “We’re just about done! Make sure you put those into the bin,” I added, nodding at his pile of feathers.
“Won’t your mum notice the huge pile of feathers in the bin?”
“Aren’t they your feathers? She won’t see them.”
“Once they’re pulled out, they’re not part of me anymore. She’ll see them just fine. And that hurt, by the way,” he added in an injured tone. “You didn’t need to pull so many out!”
“Sucks to be you,” I said, poking my tongue out. “I’ll just bury them under the other rubbish. She won’t notice.”
The oven timer beeped, and I jumped excitedly. “It’s ready!”
“What’s ready?” I turned around to see my mum walking in through the back door with her eyebrow raised.
Michelle hurriedly swept the feathers under the chair, and leaned the broom against the wall. I darted a look at him, and tilted my head towards my room, telling him to go inside. While my mum couldn’t see him, she would notice if he knocked something over or got in her way.
“Beatrice, why is Toby from across the road tied up in the shed?” I turned back to my mum. Oblivious to what was going on, she’d hung up her keys and gone into the kitchen, where she’d opened the oven to look at the cake.
“Uh... We were playing pretend!” I said, pushing her away from the oven. “He was the evil robber, and I’m the superhero.”
She looked at me. “Aren’t you a little old to be playing pretend?”
“It was his idea! I only went along with it because I was really bored.” I could hear Michelle sniggering from the hall.
“If you say so. What’s the cake for?”
“Nothing! It’s just a cake. We got hungry,” I gabbled.
“Okay, dear. I need to get out of my work uniform. Make sure you save me a piece!” My mum winked at me, and went off to her room to get changed.
I slumped against the wall in relief. If anyone found out what I’d really done this afternoon, I’d be put in a mental hospital for sure!
“You were ‘playing pretend’, were you?” Michelle asked, coming up to me and smirking,.
“Shut up,” I growled, punching him in the arm. “I need to get this cake to Toby before she comes back!”
I struggled to balance the cake on one hand as I opened the shed door.
“Here, let me,” Michelle said. He opened the door, swinging it out and nearly knocking the cake out of my hands.
“Careful!” I said, frustrated. “First you trip me, then you almost spill water on the cake, then you try to trip me again, and now this! It’s like you don’t want Toby cured or something!”
Michelle laughed nervously. I pushed past him into the shed. Toby was standing tied up by the window. I could almost see the marks where he’d drooled against it. He turned to face me hopefully as I came in.
“I made you a cake,” I said in my sweetest voice, trying not to gag.
Toby smiled at me, and shuffled over. “Is it because you love me?”
Vomit. I quickly offered him the entire plate. “Here, have some!”
Toby did nothing. It took me a second to realise he couldn’t actually take it when he was tied up.
“Uh, Michelle, could you untie him?” I said, nodding toward Toby.
Michelle reluctantly shuffled forward and untied Toby. He took the rope, and went to stand awkwardly at the far wall, refusing to look at me.
“There,” I said. “Now, have as much as you want!”
Toby took the cake, almost dropping it as I shoved it towards him. He picked up a slice, and brought it towards his mouth.
I held my breath as he bit into it. He smiled at me as he chewed, despite the fact that it must have been disgusting. He swallowed, blew me a kiss, and went in for another bite.
“It didn’t work,” I said, disappointed. “It should have worked! Why didn’t it?” I pause and look at Michelle, who had gone bright red.
“Yeah, about that... um...”
“I...might have lied. Just a tiny bit.”

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