Lucky the Ladybug
Chapter One : Nature’s Secret
Do you want to know one of natures best kept secrets? Not many people know that the ladybug brings luck. Even better, some ladybugs are like faeries of the bug world!
Only a small percent are given the magical gift of sharing their luck to make other creatures wishes come true. They are the luckiest of all the ladybugs. When one of these special ladybugs are around, the sun shines brighter, the rain glistens, rainbows are clearer and stay around longer, and the trees are greener.
Lucky is one of these special ladybugs. She is thankful every day, for her gift of luck to help others. She brings luck to bugs, animals, and humans all around the country.
Lucky sat on a leaf by an ant hill once for a whole day. The ant colony was in a panic to find enough food for them to survive the winter. Food was scarce this year. Their Queen prayed for a miracle. With Lucky there spreading her magical gift of luck, it wasn’t long before some lost hikers happened to stop and have some lunch right by their ant hill; while they looked over their map again. When the hikers moved on, they left behind hundreds of crumbs, a half eaten sandwich, and some large lettuce and spinach leaves. The worker ants excitedly went to work, bringing home more food than they needed for the winter.
When a storm suddenly blew in one night on the coast of Maine, Lucky flew in to the main gallery of a family owned light house. A mother and daughter were worried that the light wasn’t shining bright enough to guide the fishing boat in that the young girls Dad was on. With Lucky spreading her gift of luck, she made their wish come true. The light beam became much stronger and brighter to their amazement, and the fishing boat was soon docked safely. When the young girl jumped into her Dads arms and hugged him tight, she whispered “I saw a ladybug in the light house. I think it brought us luck.”
She spent a snowy day on the wall of a stable. A mare was starting labor, and the vet was having trouble getting there through all the snow. The mare was obviously very nervous. Lucky shared her gift with the mare. The farmer soon rushed into the stable followed by the vet. The mare relaxed a bit and successfully gave birth to a beautiful foal that day. The vet told the farmer how lucky he was, because the snow was so bad it was a miracle he got there.
These are just a few of the many, that Lucky the ladybug has helped with her gift of luck, to make their wishes come true. So, if you see a ladybug, don’t trap it or hurt it. It will bring you luck, and if it happens to be a special ladybug like Lucky, your wish may come true.

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