Something wierd is going on
Lurking Ghosts
The Dare
I wonder if I didn’t take that dare this wouldn’t happen, that is why Truth or Dare is my least favorite game to play.
The phone was ringing, I went to get it.
“Hello,” I said into the phone, it wasn’t likely to get a phone call at 9:00 at night.
“Hey, crazy why are you calling, eh.”
“Mr. Devon, I didn’t call you.”
“Yea, right, stop prank calling me, I’m trying to go to sleep!” Then he hung up.
I’m Lucas, and this is my first day of school and I’m in seventh grade.
I ran to school because I didn’t want to be late suddenly I ran into a boy.
“Ow,” I said.
“Hey, what do you think you are doing?”
Correction: not a boy, a group.
“Sorry,” I muttered
“Yea right,” he said sarcastically.
Then he walked away.
[Well that’s my human experience for the day] I thought
I went to class and saw the same boys.
I made it through the whole day with questions like, where do you come from, which school did you go to before this one, and are you insane? [The last one I didn’t get.]
I was walking home when the same boys from before jumped out from the bushes.
“I told you I was sorry,” I growled
“I accept your apology.” one of the boys said
I tried to move past them, but they wouldn’t let me.
“I’m Bryce,” he said
“I’m Lucas,” I said
“Wanna play Truth or Dare?”
“Sure,” I said, knowing that I’ll only pick Truth.
“Ok I dare you...”
“Wait don’t I need to pick truth or dare first.” I interrupted.
“Nah that’s for wimps, I dare you to go to the cemetery tonight,” he threw that out there like he got a text from a buddy.
“Sure,” trying to hide my scared expressions.
“Cool, see you tomorrow,” then he left.
I looked around in the graveyard with a flashlight, just to be honest, I was totally creeped out.
I walked around for about twenty minutes until something from behind a grave popped out and I screamed.

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Lucas: The New Student

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