Lyliam is meant to be?
The time has not come!
School had only started for about nine weeks and sadie and lylah where already soul sister’s that ship each other to much. Except for this ship with lylah and her friend liam, Sadie actually thought that this one was really mattered to her. She saw the stars in Liam’s eyes when he talked to lylah. Sadie knew that lylah was special to Liam in a different way, but couldn’t understand how lylah couldn’t see how he truly feels for her it was to obvious. It didn’t take long for liam and lylah’s friends shipped them and started rumors that liam liked lylah but both refused to mention it and lylah refused to believe what they said. When the tests where coming for math the teachers would usually have intervention groups and students of first high grades,medium grades,and lower grades and of course sadie and lylah where in the same group, along with liam which was in a different class the them. Lylah would usually either wave liam over to them or liam would just sit next to them ordinarily. He would usually call lylah trash taco because both sadie and lylah thought they where trash. And he called sadie hamburger though she has the suspicion that he called her that because sadie thought she wasn’t good looking and pretty much fatter then most. So during the times of interventions he would call sadie hamburger and lylah trash taco. So while an intervention if we get done early which we always do they’re the higher grades group, they can talk to the people sitting near them so they all started talking and the ships went the day but when they left, sadie was about to turn the corner to get to one of her classes without lylah , lylah had orchestra, but sadie walked to her classes but then she heard over the corner and all the loud jerks in the hall “when can I even tell her it might make her uncomfortable for us to talk if she knows after that, I do think i’ve kept it far enough away from her but how long can I keep it up if it spills out. Its best to just tell her right?” that voice was familiar to her it seemed to be liam! She listened in to liam and his friends conversation. “Lylah deserves the truth from me but i am scared of the out come!” liam said as the three minute bell went off and both sadie and liam walked to their classes.
When sadie was done with everything she began to think to herself, “Should I tell lylah? What would happen if I would tell her, What would liam do?” these thoughts ran through sadie’s head, she couldn’t decide to tell lylah her beloved friend/soul sister if it was in her place to do so...
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