The rain of terror begins
Madame La Guillotine
The Fate For the Aristocrats
Soldiers had surrounded the large mansion. Pressing up against the doors, trying to get the food for the guillotine. The woman inside was huddled by candlelight, gently rocking her child during its sleep.
Shouts and orders from the soldiers echoed through the house from the outside. One of the plump housemaids came running up to Madame Linette. Her white dress was slopped on from earlier meals and sweat clung to her pale face.
There were tears in her eyes as she slowly stood up. She stroked the cheek of the sleeping child and handed the swaddled baby over to the housemaid and whispered something quiet to the her before turning to face the door.
Soldiers were throwing themselves against the hard wooden doors. Madame Linette was a close friend of King Louis of France, but ever since the revolution had started, any aristocrat connected to the king was to be guillotined with the rest.
The housemaid took a long glance back to her mistress before enclosing herself behind the bookshelf that led down to the secret wine cellar. There was a soft click from the bookshelf and an unsettling silence for the next few moments.
A great noise came from the same room as Madame Linette and dozens of shouting voices. The housemaid pressed the child closer to her chest as her heart raced. She pleaded silently so that the citizen soldiers wouldn’t find them.
“ Citoyen Linette, you are under arrest by the National Assembly.” A man’s voice boomed through the halls. “ Off with her head!” Cheers came from the soldiers around him.
Madame Linette grunts from being dragged away were the last noises in the mansion. The housemaid looked down at the sleeping child in her arms. She promised to herself that day that this child would live, no matter what.
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