Maggie is 10 years old and her birthday is tomorrow. Maggie is happy but she is also sad.
“Maggie!,” Said her mom. “Come down for breakfast!” Maggie quickly got up made her bed, and got dressed in her beautiful birthday dress. She walked down the brown stairs. When she got to the dining table, she saw the most wonderful birthday breakfast. There was chocolate chip pancakes, whipped cream to the max, and last of all... a Starbucks Frappe. “ Mom?” Maggie said looking so surprised.
“Yeah, Is there something wrong?” Said Mom. Maggie replied angrily, “Mom, you said you wouldn’t forget and now you did! Great! Just great Mom!”. Maggie ran upstairs and slammed the door. Hard. Maggie’s mom was shocked, she didn’t know what she was talking about. And then she remembered and she started crying, right there in the kitchen.
“There, there.” Said Maggie’s dad. She was consoling Maggie’s mom. “Care to tell me what she wanted?”
“All she wanted was to have a boyfriend!”
“Alexis! You promised that to her!”
“YES, She said she wouldn’t ask for anything else!”
“*Sigh*. Really.”
“Jeff why don’t you believe me?”
“I do but, a boyfriend?”
“Yes a boyfriend you got a problem with that. I’m going to go make coffee, you want some?”
“Yes, I’ll take a black with whipped cream.”
“I’m not putting whipped cream on it!”
“Ok, Ok, I get that you’re mad at me, but don’t take it out on the coffee!”
“Jeffrey Aeron Penoza! You are home grounded!!!”
“What did I do?”
“I’m going to Dunkin Donuts, and you can’t go. And you can’t have any of it.”
“What, why?”
“Fine, be that way.”
“Here’s a list of what you can’t do.”
“I can’t watch T.V??!!!”
“What do you expect from a middle aged woman!”
“You Alexis are one loco(crazy) woman!”
“Well, too bad that you are feeling salty!”
“Oh, so you went there.”
“That’s right I went there.”
“Look, Alexis I’m sorry.”
“Fine, I forgive you.”
“Am I ungrounded?”
“Darn it.”
Tap, tap, tap. “Come in.” Maggie said. “Mags, I’m so sorry” Said her mother.
“Save it, cause if you think you can just barge in this room like you just own it, then you can just at least save us some time and go away.”
“Maggie, I’m deeply sorry but, I just forgot.”
“Exactly why I’m mad. You made 10 pinkie swears with me that you would never forget, and now look at where we are!”
“Maggie, You know I love you so I try to give you the best but-“
“Save all of that crap for your husband. I read your parenting books, they say you got to try to make your kid feel like they have to forgive you. So just shut up and LEAVE!!”
“I’m sorry that you feel way, but I’m just under pressure right now.”
“So, you don’t think that I’m under pressure too? Mom,”
“Get out of my room - NOW!!”
“Honey I-“
“Fine, just to let you know-“
“Fine, bye.”
“Alexis, why did you promise her that she could have a boyfriend?”
“I was baking cookies and she stole the frosting so I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said a boyfriend. And so I said yes because I wasn’t thinking.’’
“ Alexis Marie Penoza! You promised her that just because of frosting!?”
“But it was the really good kind?
“That is no excuse.”
“But I-“
“Alexis I’ve been thinking and I want to have a divorce.”
Jeffrey, I, I, I don’t know. I still love you.”
“Look I know you do and I still do, but we need some time apart.”
“O-O-Okay.” Maggie’s mom was trying not to show her tears. But Maggie’s dad saw them. “Alexis I’m sorry and all I have to give to you is this picture.” And with that, he went upstairs to pack. The picture he left on the table was when Maggie’s Mom and Maggie’s Dad were at the beach splashing each other. Then Maggie’s Mom flopped on the couch and started crying.
“Mom, I’m going out!” said Maggie. She decided if she couldn’t cry her way out, she would find a way out. “Okay, but where are you going?”
“My friend’s house.”
“Marie’s, why are you so interested?”
“Because I’m your mother.”
“Ok, moving on from that subject, What time do I have to be home?”
“Nine o’clock.”
“Ok, bye.”
Maggie new she would have to hurry. It was 5. The party starts in fifteen minutes. As she was walking down the street, She met John. John was the most popular kid in school, but however, Maggie was more on the...loser side. “You going to Marie’s?” Said John. He was wondering who this girl was, he had never noticed her before. “Yeah.” Said Maggie. Maggie has seen John a million times before, in school. Maggie had somewhat of an idea of John. He was not one of those popular kids who torture people. In fact, he was pretty nice. John however, had no idea who this beautiful blue-eyed girl was!
“Can I ask you a question?” Said John.
“You already did.” Maggie said.
“Well, I mean,”
“I know what you mean. Yes, you can ask me a question.”
“I’m very sorry if I offend you in any way but, what is your name?”
“Is that short for anything?”
“Well then shall we go to the dance?”
“I would like that very much.”
At Marie’s party, there were a lot of people. People were dancing and shouting and doing all sorts of stuff. But the one thing that stuck out to Maggie is that they all were couples. Maggie knew that Josh didn’t have a girlfriend. Josh must’ve realized this too because of his expression, Maggie could tell he was uncomfortable.
“So... do you want to...?”
“Dance? I will love to.”

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