three crystals...three kids...
Magic Always Leaves Traces
Three crystals. Three Kids.
Ria was a witch.
And she was dead. She died 2 centuries ago.
But her house was still alive.
And full of Dark magic.
One day, another evil witch came across the house. She was full of excitment.
The witch entered the house. It was clean, and the witch could sense a powerful bit of magic in the corner of the room. She went over and saw three crystals. When the witch touched them, they hovered over her.
A misty voice, the voice of Ria, filled the whole room.
You have found my crystals.
Send them to the most troublesome kids you know.
Give them torture.
Use the spell.
The witch knew which spell, thankfully.
The most troublesome kids I know,
the most troublesome kids I know.
Alisha, Evan, Jacob,
Alisha, Evan, Jacob.
The most troublesome kids I know,
the most troublesome kids I know.
The three crystals, a diamond, an emerald, and a ruby, floated out the window.
The ruby went to Jacob.
The emerald went to Evan.
The diamond went to Alisha.
The witch? She was old, and died right there.
But the crystals went on, finding their way to a jewelry store, flew into three pieces of jewelry, and waited for Alisha, Evan, and Jacob to find them.
Alisha never knew that once she got the necklace that she would be enduring bullies.
Evan never knew that once he got the locket that his parents would be horrrible to him.
Jacob never knew that once he got the ring that he would never have any friends until he met Alisha and Evan.
Of course, the three kids wouldn’t meet until fifth grade.They kept their secret to themselves.

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