Magic in Trouble by lilly5b

By lilly
Magic in Trouble
I raced through the dark woods, the horse galloping behind me. The knights are trying to find me. I ran into the cave were I had stayed the night grabbing my magic stick. I waited until the knights pass before running out of the cave. I started to run in the opposite direction but there were more knights coming my way. Suddenly I was surrounded by knights. They caught me. They brought me to their castle and locked me in a dirty disgusting tower. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years. I was scared that something bad would happen to me.
I waited all day and all night. I was hungry but nothing happened to me. They had taken my magic stick away I couldn’t do magic without it. I called for help but nobody could hear me. Then suddenly the knights came through the door. They dragged me to their leader. Their ruler smelt a lot like rotten cheese.
“I am Felix the king” said Felix, “We caught you. You were practicing magic. That is against my law so you will pay with your life at sunrise” claimed Felix
I didn’t want to die. The knight dragged me back to the tower and on my way out I saw Prince Charming in the room. I didn’t know how I recognised him but I knew it was Prince Charming.
That night when I was asleep, the door started to make a nose and suddenly the doorknob began to turn. I was scared it was the knights. The door bolted open and Prince Charming ran in.
“I am going to rescue you, follow me,” he whispered.
I followed through the castle. Suddenly a big loud bell started to ring.
“What’s that sound” I asked
“The knights have realised you have escaped, it will be harder to get out of the castle” replied Prince Charming
I continued to follow Prince Charming through the castle but as we turned a corner we were spotted by a group of knights.
“Follow that hallway it will lead you to the stables, take a horse and ride to the woods I will try to keep the nights away as long as I can” yelled Prince Charming over the noise of the knights.
I followed the hallway and on my way down I spotted my magic stick. I ran in the room and Felix was in there. I used my magic stick to push him into a wall. As I was leaving the room Felix got back up. He muttered a curse. I realised he was doing magic without a magic stick. I had heard of such people. They were known as the great lords, but they had all died a long time ago.
“You can do magic? Then why are trying to kill us?” I cried
“Because I want power and glory and now you are going to die” claimed Felix
Felix started to mutter another curse. I felt like I was getting more power it was my stick that was protecting me. I was growing more powerful by the minute. I started to mutter my own curse. Felix looked like he was getting weaker by the second. Then suddenly he dropped to the ground.
“I’m sorry” Felix said very weakly “for everything I have done to this world” and he laid on the cold floor, life less.
I ran out to the stables. I jumped on a white horse and rode not to the woods but to where my magic stick led me. The stick led me to a camp site with people who do magic too. There was a little boy named Quinn. He was still learning magic so I gave him my magic stick. I didn’t need it any more now that I could do magic without it. I told him that it had great powers and he needed to learn how to use them well. Later that day I told Quinn about a great adventure and about Felix and Prince Charming. When I was telling my story I thought about Prince Charming and what he did for me. He was a great friend and a great hero in my mind.
The End
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