Magic Mania
I sat on my chair fidgeting with my wristband as I was trying to understand what Ms. Winter was saying. I couldn’t wait until school was over. Only one more hour until the bell would ring for summer vacation. I plunked my forehead down onto my desk with a thud. Ow, that had hurt more then I had expected.
“Ms. Magini, do you look like you are slacking off, or is that just me?” It was Ms. Winter. She looked around the classroom expectantly waiting for an answer. “Just because it is one hour until summer vacation it does not mean-“ She held up one of her pudgy little excuses for fingers “-that you can go slacking off whilst all of your peers are hard at work.”
I couldn’t help but to stare at her blubbery chins, bouncing around her neck as she spoke. They jiggled and wiggled and I let out a small giggle. I slapped my had to my mouth to suppress the sound. Too late. Ms. Winter had noticed.
“Do you find behavior regulations funny?” Spittle sprayed from her pungent mouth. I wrinkled my nose.
“No, ma’m I don’t- I just... can’t wait for summer?” I lied. I knew it was not convincing and so did she.
“Katrina Magini- thats it! To the principals office with you!” Her chubby little hands grasped my scrawny arm. Her sharp red nails dug into my skin.
I sat nervously at the edge of the wooden stool in front of Head Master Dwiggens desk as I waited for dad to arrive. I knew that I was going to be in major trouble with him. He had a special summer performance and he probably had to cancel it to come to the meeting, and I knew that he wouldn’t be too happy about it.
I spun around as I saw Head Master Dwiggens and Ms. Winter enter the office- escorting dad. I avoided his eyes and instead focused my gaze on a no. 2 pencil that was lying on Head Master Dwiggens’s desk.
“Now- Katrina has many things to explain to the both of you, don’t you Katrina?” Asked Ms. Winter, glaring at me.
“No... not much.” I muttered. I stared down at my purple high tops.
“Ms. Winter, please I’m sure that she didn’t mean whatever she did- its not that serious now is it? I really must be going.” My dad had said. He had a nervousness about his voice. I knew that he thought that he still might be able to put on his show... but I knew better.
Ms. Winters beady little eyes traveled from me to him and back again. I could almost see the tiny gears in her brain spinning furiously, trying to decide what to do. “Very well, as long as the meeting may still be held tomorrow.
I stared at her. My mouth gaping like a fish out of water. The meeting? Tomorrow? On the first day of summer vacation? She couldn’t be serious.
“I am very serious-“ Said Ms. Winter as though she could read my mind. “Katrina has been slacking off since the 3rd year of school. We need to talk.”
“V-very well then,” Stuttered my father. “Cheerio. Come along, Katrina.” He led me out of the office.
“I need to get my school bag.” I remembered.
“Never mind that or we shall be late for the performance!” He exclaimed. “Come on now, and hurry!”
I frowned and hurried after him.
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