“what do you do when you’re thrown in a problem? You find a solution.”
Magical Me: The Heart Behind The Enemy
Chapters 1-2
Alaya looks at the door, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. What was she going to do? The war was not going as she had hoped it would. The Gurniaks had achieved what they have been threatening to do for three years, and have taken over Owland, and not to mention, taken away all her workers and servants. All her friends. Alaya had been forced into hiding by the fear that they would find her. She was their main target, after all. If the Gurniaks found her, all hope was gone. There would be no more magic. There wouldn’t be any Riders, Predictors, Half-Bloods, Witches, and Wizards left. There would be no more Owland. Owland was a world where all magic beings lived in perfect harmony. Owland was a world of magic, a world of learning, a world that many would call home.
There were only four of her servants left. An Elf, a Goblin, a Dwarf, and a Fairy. They have all been helping her find a solution. No such solution was found.
The door opened and they walked in. They lined up in front of her.
“Jax,” said Alaya, addressing the Goblin.
The Goblin’s cold eyes met hers. He had long greasy fingers and human feet, although they were much smaller, and naturally, much dirtier. He wore a long shirt, and even that was old and ripped. His pants were as well. His belt was the only thing that fit him. Goblins looked much like Elves. They had long, pointed ears. But a Goblin’s face is screwed together, and it’s eyes are much tighter and less open. A Goblin’s skin is gray. Even though Jax was about half Alaya’s height, she addressed him like an equal.
“Good evening, Jax,” she said pleasantly.
“Mistress,” said Jax, bowing.
She nodded curtly.
“I have a mission for you,”
The Goblin looked as though he had expected this the day he was born, or perhaps sooner.
“Of course, mistress,”
“It’s been quite difficult for me ever since, well…” she could not bring herself to say it. “Since You-Know-What. I thought of something you could do to help me, and maybe even save me.”
Jax looked no happier, but Alaya did not insist on this. Goblins had impassive faces, she had never seen a Goblin smile in all her life.
“Jax would be honored to assist his mistress,” said the Goblin.
“I need you to, oh, it is difficult to explain. You see, there is this… Prophecy. This prophecy, as far as I know, says that you-” she nodded towards Jax and the others. “-aren’t the only magicals left. The prophecy speaks of four Half-Bloods, that don’t even know what they are. They don’t even know it.”
“Forgive me, mistress,” said Jax. “But surely you are mistaken? Half-Bloods are rare, if they ever go to school, they will be famous beyond all. They must be the only Half-Bloods left!”
“Well, Jax, bringing them to The Academy was my plan,” said Alaya. “But not for the fame. For the services that they will do to this school.”
The Goblin’s face blanched, but his expression was still blank and showed no emotion.
“School services? But they are… They are… Young!”
“They are twelve years old, Jax, and that is old enough.” said Alaya coolly.
“Oh, but of course, mistress, you misunderstood me! I was only saying… It is possible that they will be unsuccessful.” said Jax quickly.
“I know that,” said Alaya thoughtfully. “But I blessed them, Jax, I blessed them… Now, back to what you will do for me-”
“I can’t,” said the Goblin suddenly.
“I can’t go and get them, since I don’t know where they are. And you say they don’t know they are Half-Bloods, they are then probably living and associating with humans, it would be unwise of you to send a Goblin there.” he clasped his hands to his mouth as he realized what he had just said.
“Mistress, I-” he squealed.
“Fair point, Jax,” said Alaya, ignoring his stammers. “Maybe I’ll send Nham. Well, you must just make sure that they do not, well… I want to say use their powers, but no one can do that. Just make sure they don’t find out they have them.”
“And I will do that how, mistress?”
“Think, use your brain! Send someone to look after them, I don’t know! Off you go, Jax, there isn’t much time!” she waved him away.
Jax obeyed even though he had no clue why they shouldn’t know they have powers, nor did he understand how he would send someone to keep watch over them without them even noticing.
“Elvie,” said Alaya calmly. “How are you?”
Once Jax had gone through the doors, Alaya dressed the quivering Elf.
“G-good, mistress,” said Elvie. “P-poor E-Elvie is d-doing good, Miss.”
“Excellent,” said Alaya. “Now-”
“Does E-Elvie have a mission, t-too?” Elvie interrupted.
“A small one, my dear.” said Alaya calmly. “I just need you to visit Oaksworth soon. Can you do that for me? I just need you to check on the teacher… Flamel, mostly. Just tell him that I need the Moon Radishes ready in a month, it’s urgent.”
“Ooh, yes ma’am!” said the Elf happily. “I will do it gladly.”
“Thank you,” said Alaya. “And as you leave, tell Dom to come in.”
“Yes, Miss!” squealed little Evie as she left.
The Dwarf named Dom came in.
“Mistress?” he had a harsh cold voice.
“Dom.” said Alaya simply. “How are you? I need you to go to Oaksworth as well. I’m afraid that your task is not as, ah, enjoyable as little Elvie’s.”
“Dom will go to garden teacher. Dom will tell her that WaterProof Turnips are getting eaten. Dom will tell er to put protection around plants, Alaya needs plants. Plants must be good and whole for Potions. Need Potions for class. Is Dom correct?”
Alaya looked delighted.
“Yes, yes you are!” she said happily. “Off you go!”
Dom exited the room, and a fairy came in. She had glittery wings and was about as tall as Alaya. She had dreamy pink hair and silver colored eyes.
“Mistress!” she piped up, bowing.
Alaya gave her a quick bow of the head.
“Hello, my dear- er, what’s your name again?” asked Alaya guiltily.
“Miranda, Miss!” said Miranda. “Miranda the fairy!”
“Wonderful, er, Miranda!” said Alaya, watching as Miranda danced on her toes, giggling hysterically.
“May I help you, Miss?” she asked when she had finally settled down. “After all, I live to serve my queen, and my queen is you, mistress!”
“How very loyal indeed,” said Alaya soothingly. “Am I lucky to have you? Who else would there be to put a protecting charm around the Fire Gem?”
She gave a cold laugh.
“Fire Gem?” said Miranda, her voice suddenly nervous. “T-the Fire Gem? A protection charm around it?”
“You heard me,”
“I did, but why? Why put magic around-” she fell quite on Alaya’s glowering look, but caught up with herself. “Such an object? It is needed.”
“Precisely,” said Alaya, smiling sweetly. “It is needed. And that person who needs it must not get it. Understand?”
“Think! This person is dangerous to me, to my people! She is evil! If she gets that stone than she will…” Alaya shivered slightly. “She will do horrible things, like she had done before! I will not let this happen! Not now, when Oakworth has finally healed itself from history’s damage.”
“Of course, Miss.” said Miranda. “I did not think of… of her. I quite agree, it must be far away from her, she must not get it. I too remember what she did to Owland, to us, when she was herself fully. Of course I’ll put a charm around it, Miss. It’s for the school’s own good, and soon, the world’s.”
Miranda started to walk away and Alaya did not call her back. She didn’t need too. She wanted Miranda to put a protection on the stone, and she was going to. With Miranda puting that protection, everything might go well. And there was hope that she would be able to fight back the Gurniak’s attack. And by god, that’s all she needed.
Justin Duran woke up, his heart hammering against his chest. He had had the strangest dream. It had been strange, but also wonderful. Until death showed. He had woken right when he saw a knife go through a woman’s heart. Or was it a woman? It didn’t look like one, on second thought. It looked for like a fairy tale character. It hadn’t been real, of course. But one thing had seemed so realistic… The man that was killing. Justin had never seen him before, but he looked oddly familiar.
He looked at the ceiling. He did this every morning, when he was bored. It was unbelievable how interesting it was to stare at white wallpaper. As a seventh grader, Justin was smarter than most in his class. He sometimes wished he wasn’t. His cousin, Mason, was in eighth grade. He didn’t care a damn about homework. Neither did his little friends. Justin usually got caught up doing it for them, although he made sure he purposely put some incorrect answers.
He had dreams like this one weekly. It wasn’t new to see things like this is his mind. He didn’t care about the woman getting murdered. It disturbed him how he had seen that murdered before… in his dream or elsewhere. He didn’t even bother telling Mason or his aunt, Athel. He could just imagine Mason’s drunk voice laughing at Justin for having such dream.
“Oi! Are you going to tell Katie that you’ve been having these dreams? I’d love to see her face… Why do you keep having these dreams anyway? It’s weird. Maybe mum should take you to a mental doctor.”
Mason had always made fun for Justin’s friend at school, Katie. And even though he had told him many times that she was not his girlfriend, he didn’t miss out on a chance to make fun of him on this subject. He found
other ways to make his life miserable, of course.
Justin had never brought himself up to say that the way he talked to people, you would have thought he was three. He hadn’t told him either that if he was going to a mental doctor, it would be because Mason wouldn’t have wanted to go alone. There were many things that Mason couldn’t handle, like having homework on weekends. Athel always made him/Justin do his homework in the morning. This made Mason furious. Justin didn’t understand why, since it was him doing his homework anyway.
“Justin!” came a shriek from downstairs.
Justin poked his head through the door.
“Yes?” he called back.
“Help Mason with his homework!”
Justin sighed.
He found it slightly embarrassing that a seventh grader should help an eighth grader with homework. Apparently, Mason thought so too, because the moment Justin walked into his bedroom, he said irritably, “go away, I don’t need help!”
Justin chuckled, grabbed Mason’s homework, and pulled it towards him. He started scribbling down answers the moment he had his hands on a pen. Mason stopped complaining the moment the sheet of parchment was filled and returned to him.
“Mason!” cried Athel.
“Mum?” said Mason.
“Samuel’s here!”
“Blimey!” said Mason happily, jumping from his seat. “Already?”
Justin looked around hopelessly. Sam was Mason’s beefy friend, and he was the last person he wanted to see right now.
“C’mere, you!” goofed Mason as he grabbed Justin’s neck scuff and dragged him down the stairs, and outside.
Mason and Sam grinned stupidly at him.
“Do it!” ordered Sam.
“Do what?” asked Justin.
“Do it!” snarled Sam. “Do whatever you do! However you get friends!
However you got Katie to be your friend! Demonstrate what is to be done!”
Justin rolled his eyes.
“It’s no miracle, just be nice to them,” he said simply.
“I am nice to them!” yelled Mason.
Justin ressited a laugh.
“Yeah, like in third grade, you screamed at her to be your partner for the Easter Egg Hunt,” he said.
“Well, she said no, and now I want you to show me how you do it.” said Mason.
“Or in other words,” added Sam. “Show us how to be nice.”
“Yeah!” said Mason. “In a conversation, demonstrate what you have to say.”
“Why,” demanded Justin, eyeing them reproachfully. “Did you force me to come here, and why are you asking me to talk to her when you know your mum banned me from speaking to her?”
“Because,” sneered Sam. “If she passses by, she’ll say hi to you. She couldn’t resist to saying hi to wonderful Justin. Then, you’ll say hi back. So, we’ll see how to get girls, and Mason’s mum will have a chance to ground you forever. Everybody wins!”
“Everybody expect me,” Justin said grimly.
An sure enough, five minutes later, a blue car drove down the street, and stopped at a public parking. Three girls stepped out. One of them was Katie. She was wearing a green cheerleading outfit, and chatted with her friends as they approached. She saw Justin, smiled, and told her friends, “you go on, I’ll catch up later.”
Giggling, the two other girls sped up, every couple seconds looking back at them and laughing.
“Hi, Justin,” said Katie.
Justin looked sideways at Mason and Sam, who were both smirking.
“Hi,” he replied, silently begging her to leave.
She didn’t.
“How was your summer? School only just started, after all. Are you excited? Nervous?” she asked.
“Look,” said Justin, more harshly than he had meant to. “I had a brilliant
summer, but I think my Aunt’s calling me.”
“Oh,” said Katie, sounding surprised. “I, umh, bye then.”
“Yeah, bye.” he replied, giving Mason and Sam dirty looks.
“Oh,” said Mason loudly as they headed back towards the house. “I am so telling mum!”
Mason kept his promise. Athel wasn’t pleased. Justin’s Aunt had a go at him for about three hours.
Mae-Mae was what Aunt Athel called Mason, and in Justin’s opinion, it described him much better. She didn’t stop there.
“All right,” said Justin weakly.
She pulled herself up and said, trying to calm herself, “you may go to bed.”
“Bed?” he exclaimed. “It’s morning. You can’t make me-”
“Watch me,” she snarled.
Justin looked at her angrily and stomped up into his room. He wanted to think about how injust his life was, but something else came to his mind as he stared at his hand. There, on his palm, there was a flame outline engraved. He wasn’t the only one. His best friends, Alexa Swain, Holly Daniels, and James Hurvan had them, too. Alexa had a butterfly, James had a leaf, and Holly had a snowflake. Many times they had wondered what they meant, but they had never found an answer.
Alexa, unlike everyone else, thought it was a mark of magic. They all laughed loudly at this, and memories of his friends made Justin crack and smile. The door opened, and he bolted upward. It was Athel, but she
looked different. He face was pale and her eyes were frightened.
“You’re coming with me,” she said sternly, pointing to him, and then to herself.
“Fine,” he replied, not daring to disagree.
She led him down the stairs, and to his great surprise, there stood Alexa, James, and Holly. He was about to say hello, when he noticed a man sitting in the chair besides them. He had black skin and a bald head. He wore sunglasses and a black suit. He looked at Justin, and Justin looked back. Neither smiled.
To be continued in Chapter 3 and 4...
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