The Untold Story
“Grubbs have landed, begin lockdown” Chief Ru’s familiar voice crackled over the loudspeaker, confirming what everyone else in Sentinum already knew. As I walked out of the building that had protected Sentinum for over 4.503 billion years for the last time. I wondered what would happen to it It was most probably going to be flattened. Like everything else in Planet Reddy. Grubbs had ruined their own planet and now were taking out every other planet.
Planet Grubbell was the most hospitable planet in the Planiverse, but Grubbs were selfish. They didn’t care about the environment, polluting them with driving machines. They didn’t protect the beauty, the animals. They divided their planet, grouping them by skin colour and language, and why did they divide the planet? For they certainly didn’t divide it evenly. The biggest countries go and fight the smaller countries s0 they can claim them for themselves, and once they’ve built themselves an empire, they go fight with the next biggest country.
Grubbell was a beautiful planet. So were Grubbs...originally. The original Grubbs didn’t do anything to hurt the environment, and didn’t have the knowledge of science, for driving machines or flying machines. It’s now that they have all these machines that do everything for them.
I wish they had never learnt about all of this. I wish the Grubbs could go back to before. I wish they didn’t ruin Grubbell, I wish they didn’t take Reddy, but we can’t fight back. We can’t.
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