Will She Ever See Her Father Again?
and the Mysterious Kidnapping Case
One - Introduction
It is a beautiful summer day. The sun is shining, the air is fresh, and the grass is green. It’s perfect.
Hello there. My name is Maryanne Kablu, and I am thirteen years old, and going into eighth grade. My family lives in a nice one-story home in a small neighborhood, right in the heart of Applewood. It is a small country town with many farms and many more houses. I’ve lived here all my life, in this same house.
I am very tall for my age, and I have double pierced ears and blond hair, long and thin, with a blue ombre. My eyes are green, and I have light skin, although it is tanned from the summer sun.
Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t like boys at all, even though many boys like me (which is terrible, by the way), but I don’t care. I’ll never like boys. Sorry to admit it, but it’s true- I just never will.
I have a best friend, and her name is April Black. April is also thirteen, and has black hair with blue eyes and also has double ears pierced. (In case you’re wondering, we had gotten both of our ears done at the mall together one day.)
What can I say? Some friends exchange friendship bracelets, others exchange rings...
Well, me and April do ear piercings.
So, anyways, back to what I was saying before, it is a very nice day, and I am on my front porch steps, waiting for my father to come home from work.
Dad works at a bank in the big city. He’s an accountant there. While he makes good money, I know that he would rather be doing something else.
Something that wasn’t six days a week full-time.
“Maryanne!” a voice suddenly calls out.
“Yes, Mom?” I reply, getting up from the steps. Mom opens the front door and gestures for me to come inside.
“Come inside already, Maryanne. You’re going to get eaten alive by mosquitoes, and look at how sweaty you are!”
I glance down at my shirt. “Huh, funny. I didn’t even notice.”
Mom grabs my arm and says firmly, “Maryanne, go change and then get ready for supper. It’s salad and tuna sandwiches.”
Fun fact: In the Midwest, most people call the first meal of the day “breakfast”, the second meal “dinner”, and the last meal “supper”.
Bet you didn’t know that!
I sigh. “Oh, alright. But when will Dad be home?”
“I’m sure he’ll be home soon. Now, come along.”
With that, we go inside.
My best friend April called me on the phone later after dinner saying that she had simply nothing to do tomorrow, and wondered if I could come over to her house. I told her that I would drop by after volleyball practice.
By now, of course, dinner was an hour ago and Dad still isn’t home.
“When will Dad be home?” I ask Mom for the third time already. She sighs.
“Your father will be home soon. He’s probably just stuck in traffic, like how he always is. There’s no need to worry.”
“Whatever you say,” I say, still uncertain.
I mean, he usually gets home late, but not this late.
Luckily, however, about ten minutes later, Dad finally came home.
Mom warms up his tuna sandwich as I ask him what had taken him so long to get home.
“I was late for my bus, Maryanne, so I had to wait for the next one to arrive. Finally it stopped by and all of the passengers waiting got on, and I came home to you two. The traffic was bad, though, so it took even longer. I’m sorry that I worried you... I should’ve texted or something.”
I shake my head. “No, Dad, it’s okay. We shouldn’t have gotten so worried over nothing.” A little while later, I went to bed.
After volleyball practice, I walk over to April’s house, holding my pet baby bunny, Carrot.
Carrot is an almost orange bunny, with little white spots near her ears, and a little, long black stripe on her back. I mean, she is just so cute!
It takes me about ten minutes to walk from volleyball practice (which is held in the park) to get to my friend’s house, but I don’t mind the walk.
I find April in her front yard, pulling what I think is a weed out of the ground.
“Hey, April, look who I brought!” I lift up Carrot’s right paw and wave it around.
“Hi Carrot!” April laughs. Then she adds, “It’s so hot out here! Let’s go inside where there’s an air conditioner. Oh, and Maryanne? There’s probably something I should tell you about once we get inside, too...”
Hi, guys! AmazingKay9081 here! I just wanted to thank you all for reading, and tell you that I will be trying to make this book better, by editing all of the other chapters. You see, this was my first book that was actually written on paper more than a year ago before Storybird, so once I actually found Storybird, I rewrote it. I’ll admit that it’s not as good as my other, more recent books, but I’m still adding chapters and trying to make it better. So, please excuse that and maybe check out my other, much better longform book, One-hundred And Eighty Days. Or, my newest book, Through The Eyes Of A Star.
Thanks! :-)
-Your loving author
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