Ordinary World
My house wasn’t too far away from the boarding Port, where the most important Officials strolled to find the next uncertified person on the port to punish and kill. . The Port, from a distance, looked innocent and calm enough — it looked perfect for a country skyline, shades of calming blue and tinted green stroked the waves, the sun’s reflection sparkling in the water. But if anyone went there, it certainly was way more than just a place of beautiful scenery. This was the same place where they sent people to the Otherworld — a place only heard about it the legends that the Mothers and Fathers would talk about to hush and scare their assigned Children to sleep.
There were bunches and rows of little offices where the Officials spent their time off-shifts, where all of the planning for people to go to the Otherworld was done. The security of the place was more than it seemed, which was actually a lot. No one exactly knew how secure the Offices in the Port were; no one had ever dared to go there. It was known far and wide throughout the three miles of our city that it was dangerous.
Just not how dangerous.
This was the exact reason why my ‘caring’ Mother and Father had warned (threatened) my little siblings to never, ever, go even within fifty feet of the outer edges of the Port — I guess it’s a good thing that we lived in the outskirts of the city.
But for me, they had saved up the extra-special, big and long, talk. They had started off with, “Just like I told your little siblings — never, ever, go near the port. You’re the oldest Child. We expect a lot from you…”
I had pretty much zoned off from there. I hadn’t really cared.
But ever since last year, when Kristabelle had been dared to go near the Port and she did it, when they had tortured her to her death, I had been scared. Like, ultimately scared. Call me crazy, but I have a thing about getting tortured in who-knows-what ways, and dying. The Officials had never meant for the rest of our city to know, but of course, due to our extending gossip grapevine, everyone knew.
And everyone was scared.
From the past one year, no one had gone anywhere near the port. It was a record.
And this record was about to be broken.
Just...not yet.

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