Masters Of Autumn
Last Baby Tooth Gone
Josie Pendleton groaned as she layed on the couch while her mom examined her bloody mouth. She had been playing soccer with her cousins and siblings in the park and had smashed into one of the Peregrines. Rowan and Avery Peregrine were identical twins, and Josie could only tell them apart by their expressions. Unfortunately she had bumped into the back of her cousin’s head, so she hadn’t known which one to be mad at until Rowan stepped up and confessed.
“Ah! Stop it, Mom! That hurts!” Josie squeaked.
“Alright,” her mom said, “if you don’t want me to help, I won’t.”
“Josie, brace yourself.” said her oldest cousin, Cloris (pronounced Clarisse), said.
“Wait, wa— AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” She screamed as Cloris grabbed the tooth that was dangling and hurting. Then she yanked. Both pain and relief crashed over Josie as her cousin triumphantly held up a bloody tooth.
“Well, I’m glad that’s over.” she sighed simply.
“Come in.” Josie groaned as yet another person came to see her and give her well-wishes that day. Fortunately, it was the one person who she had been wanting to see all day. Audrey Beebe, Cloris’s younger sister, was the only one who didn’t treat her like a little girl. Even Rowan and Avery who were younger than her still thought of her as “the youngest girl.” But not Audrey. Audrey made her feel like she was important, and Josie had been waiting to see her all day. Audrey had twinkling eyes, gorgeous, dark chestnut hair, and braces. In other words, she was the perfect image of what Josie wanted to look like. Instead, Josie had dark, sometimes sullen eyes, and blonde hair that ended in ringlets.
“Hey, sorry about Cloris earlier, she should’ve asked before yanking out your tooth.” said Audrey, her voice full of sympathy.
“Oh, no! Getting rid of that tooth did wonders for my mouth, it’s been hurting me for weeks, it also was my last baby tooth. It’s not even bleeding anymore. Plus, I’ll get a dollar from the tooth fairy!” Exclaimed Josie.
“Well I certainly hope you buy something worth a tooth!” said Audrey.
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