part two
Maui and the blazing hydra!
the problems
Centuries ago there lived a man called Maui, very few had known of his magical abilities to transform into animals, or you should call it shape shifting, this ability of his is an ability given to him by the gods, so it will be very important in this myth. if you hadn’t realised by the picture that I chose, this myth will explain the natural phenomenon of volcanoes but it does have some fiction, so i’m warning you, if you are not a fan of fiction, then close this page and go of to read something more non fiction, you have been warned...
Maui lived in a misty,large valley near a huge, rough mountain.
one day it started to rain, with no end, the people of the village had gone very cold and started to flee to their homes, Maui panicked, his village had gone cold and the fires had gone out, sure, a few people had fires indoors, like one or two, but not enough to warm, like 10 to 15 families!!_*“what to do, what do we do!”*_Maui thought, he only had one choice, he ran into his house and asked one of his brothers“what should we do!?”, now if you and I were gods we would definitely stop the rain but we aren’t gods, so we can’t!
His brother replied with a worried, grim expression on his face, “I don’t know,” he said, worryingly, he didn’t like to bring bad news to the family. Then their mother walked into the room, “I heard your conversation, I say we get fire wood to make a few indoor fires!” suggested their mother, now, if you don’t know what happens when water meets fire, it makes smoke, if you try to make fire with wet fire wood, you would just get smoke instead, anyway, back to the myth, his brother replied grimly “no way, it would be too smoky!” “well, what else do you have in mind then!?”, this kept him quiet, as he never, ever wanted to talk back on his mother, he received a small stab of anger and guilt, but not enough to keep him quiet, he spoke up after a minute or so, “DO you want us to suffocate on the smoke or something, the smoke that could be created from this method could KILL the entire village, so do you want us to SUICIDE!!”, this word made Maui speak up, but, don’t do this at home kids, never talk back on your mother or your elders...
“fine i’ll do it, can you just stop arguing!?” interfered Maui, by then, it had been night time already.
read the next chapter to find out more, Poroporoaki(bye in Maori)!!!

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