The story of A girl and a lion
Me And My Lion
Lightening and thunder. Rain was pouring down onto the mountain. Temperatures were getting lower. Yet the lions still had 5 little cubs to care for. 3 cubs were already on the verge of death. The lions were trying hard. The storage of deer was running low. The lions knew tomorrow would be their last day alive. The Hunters would be coming to kill off the remaining lions who had survived the fierce storm. The cubs would not be killed, but they would be transported to the local zoo and never have any freedom.
I yawned. The clock was ringing loudly, so I did what I had to do. I slammed it off the table and leaped onto my feet. I was excited. Today I was going hiking and camping with my family of 3. I was the only child. Dad said maybe we were going to see some lions. Mom said he was only being silly, but I hope we could see one.
I got out from the shower, got dressed and ran down stairs and gobbled down the breakfast. “Darling Carla,-“ “No time to talk Mom! Gotta get packed!” Mom sighs and my dad chuckles. I got some flint and steel, which Dad bought from some store yesterday and shoved it into my bag.
I also brought ropes to tie things together just in case I get lost. I also packed food and a little knife to cut stuff. I also brought my binoculars. I also got my water bottle and filled it with water. I also brought 10 energy bars to snack on. Of course, I brought extra shoes and clothing.
“DAD! MOM! I FINISHED PACKING!” “Sweetie, don’t forget your phone!” Huh? Oh! I forgot to pack my phone! Whatever. I ran up the stairs and walked into my messy room, took my phone and ran down stairs. Took and quick selfie, posted it on Instagram with the caption: GOING CAMPING AGAIN! WOOOHOOOO! Oh my. I love nature.
I dragged my bag over to the car and dumped it in the trunk. It was already almost full from my parents’ stuff. It was going to be a long trip. I put on my headphones and listened to music.
The lions used their last ounce of strength to get them and their cubs hidden. At least they would live at least a few minutes longer than them not hiding. As they awaited death, one little cub, the most mischievous one, decided to take a little run. He ran to a little stream, and played in the water. Disaster stroke. The currents were getting stronger, and soon the cub was swept away.
Uuuhhhhhhh. My legs were super stiff from the ride. As I massaged my legs, the view from the window took my breath away. I took another photo and stepped away from the car and started exploring the place. We were in the center of a meadow. The flowers grew everywhere. I ran to the right and found a lake. “DAD! MOM! COME HERE!”
The family took a photo together and they separated to find a perfect place to camp.
I went to the lake and walked around it. There was a little stream connected to it. There were fish in the stream. Trout and salmon. I walked along the stream, spotting a giant waterfall. “Wow.” Was all I could say. The place was majestic. Rabbits and hares ran, deer roamed nearby as well, chomping on berries.
I followed to stream back to share the place with my family but my attention was caught by a small golden shape floating along the river. I changed into shorts and stepped into the river.
The little cub drifted along the stream, unconscious. As it had hit its head on a rock. At least he was not dead. A girl was trying to reach him as well. His family was worried, they paced around in circles and they still needed food. The Hunters were coming soon.
I gasped. It was a lion cub. His fur was wet and matted, yet it still seemed as soft as silk. I carried the cub out and warmed him in my white dress I had changed out of earlier. I knew Dad and Mom would not approve of him.
I also knew that I could not abandon him.
He had little cuts here and there, which I had rinsed with the clean water in my bottle to decrease chances of infection.
I left him hidden behind a little bush and promised I would come back later.
I ran as fast as I could so Mom wouldn’t worry as much. They were taking a little nap.
“Mom, dad. Wake up.” “Huh?” My dad yawned. “Mom. Wake up.” My mom woke up and hugged me. “Found a good place? I didn’t.” “Guys! Listen to this. I found a perfect place. You’ll love it!” “Honey, we’re sure it’s great.”
I lead them around the lake, and followed the stream. I smiled as I passed the the little bush. Finally, we arrived at the waterfall.
“Carla, this is amazing!”
We set up a tent, and made the fire. Well actually, my dad made the fire, but whatever. I ate a energy bar and told my parents I needed a potty break.
I ran to the bush, and found the lion cub was conscious and licking himself.
“Hi little cub!” I needed to think of a name for him. His fur was now dry. It was golden and gleaming. That’s it! Golden. Golden. Golden. That was his new name.
I reached out and petted him. He was not used to me touching him. He’ll probably get used to it over time. I got a can of tuna and fed it to Golden. He loved it! “Good boy, Golden. Good boy.” I was speaking to him like a dog.
I examined his fur and he had ticks. I couldn’t pick them out so I looked at his cuts again. I found a bump on his head, which is probably from hitting a rock on the way floating down the stream. I applied some medicine to help the swelling and left him alone.
“That was quite a long potty break!” My mom said. I rolled my eyes.
I had to worry about what to do with Golden at night. He was a cub, and he needed to be kept warm.
His parents were no where to be found, so I’ll have to foster him. OMG!!!!!! I’m fostering a LION!
I’ll make a fire for him... and heat a blanket? No. Maybe I’ll tell mom I want to try sleeping some where else. Yeah. We brought 2 tents. That will do.
Yes, that’s what I’ll do.
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