Meant To Be
Ugly, Old Me
I am not pretty. I never have been. I have short black hair....a horrible nose...fat lips....everything bad...... My twin sister, April, is pretty. She has blonde hair. We don’t look like each other in the least bit! April has fat lips, but somehow she manages to look nice with fat lips.
Marnie Sutherland is my rival. Well, not really because I’m like a seed in a garden. I’m no match for her. She and her club.
Everyone else is special. Alicia is a ballerina...Marnie is in about a dozen commercials....Tina can sing......Clarissa can play the piano....Layla is a star when it comes to sports.....Georgia is so neat and tidy and slim and is a waitress at her mother’s V.I.P. restaurant....April can act....... But I’m just ugly, old me.
Layla is has lovely long tan colored hair......Georgia is so slim......April has nice lips......Alicia has pretty eyes......Tina and Clarissa have such neat eyebrows......and Marnie is every single one of those things.
That is Layla. She and Georgia have such slim shapes. Georgia is just naturally like that and Layla is the most athletic person in the school.
This story isn’t mine. It’s not about me. Don’t expect me to win the battles. I never do. Cat does.
Hey readers!
In Meant To be, things aren’t about Kaye (the girl with fat lips, short, dark hair...everything bad). So just don’t assume that Kaye saves the day or anything like that.
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