2nd Book of the “Help Me!” Series
Melody’s Story
Music Comes Back
I was back. But I didn’t even remember... what happened? All I remember is something telling me to... do something. And I went to the village, but then, I just fainted! I don’t remember anything but that (in the time we were at the other land) until I woke up now, in my apartment, with my chest full of clothes next to me and my guitar. Oh, and with Taylor and Lia shaking me and yelling at me to wake up. “Ever heard the term ‘unwelcome’!” I wanted to yell at them. But I didn’t, cause I’m a nice person.
“PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES AND COME OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW,” Taylor yelled at me. Lia shoved a pile of clothes at me and raced out of the door with Taylor right behind her.
I stared for a moment, but then decided to listen to her and put the clothes on. Once I was done, I came outside. And I realized what the word “chaos” meant.
“SHUT UP, BRAYDEN! SHUT UP!” I heard Jake yell. I leapt back, the voice so accusing and angry.
“You always were like that, Jake,” Brayden responded. “I don’t understand why you had to do that though. You went that far, just to get revenge on me! You made me half insane! You made my girlfriend hate me! YOU BROKE HER HEART BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN SELFISHNESS!”
Jake just stuttered at first, then his face grew to pure anger and he lashed out at Brayden. I suddenly took in the gravity of the situation and started running towards them, trying to calm the two of them down. But it was too late-they were at it like a bunch of kids, smacking and punching each other. I yelled at them as hard as I could, but they wouldn’t pay attention.
“Stop. Now. The two of you are acting ridiculous!” I turned and saw Aaron striding over, his face stern and grim. “I’ve been around, and it seems like we haven’t even been gone for an hour. No one noticed our disappearance. This is not the time to squabble like geese.”
The two of them gaped at his stern tone and put their fists down. “All right,” Brayden said, reluctantly. “But how did that happen? I mean, we went off with our bags and everything.”
“I don’t know, but I guess we did what we were supposed to. I feel that satisfaction that you get when you’ve completed what you needed to when I think about it,” Lia replied.
“I guess, for now, we should continue with our normal lives, huh? We won’t talk about this again until the next Synethia meeting, which is in a month. Also, for you three (Melody, Jake, Brayden), the meeting is just a huge assembly for every Synethia in the world to meet for a... check-up, I suppose you’d call it.” said Taylor. “Also, before we go back, Melody, I need to talk to you in private.” she said without looking at me.
We all stared at her for a moment in confusion, but she shrugged her shoulders as if saying “Sorry, not for you guys,” at us.
“Okay then. Jake, Taylor, Melody, you all go to the same school, right? Well then, it’d be a good idea if you could hang out a lot to talk about further plans. Me and Aaron’ll be up here talking about them, and Brayden... where do you live? Well, if you live far away from Melody and the others, you can just come up to us every now and then to talk.” Lia said, with too much casualness in her voice as she mentioned her and Aaron. I grinned at her then winked, sensing her awkwardness, but she just blushed and looked away.
“Hey, one question? What’s the point?” Jake asked. We all looked at him. “Not about the meeting, about doing any of this. Why slash what are we doing this for? It’s not like an obligation or anything. Something just happened to us. We can use magic. That’s it. Not important. I honestly just wanna go back to my normal lifestyle. So could we just not talk about this?” he said, his expression unreadable.
“I guess...” Taylor mumbled. “But, I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right. I mean, yeah, but. I have something I feel like I need to do. I don’t know, it makes me feel wrong.”
“No. I have something I need to do. And, like Taylor, I know I need to do it. It feels wrong. Except I don’t know what it is. Or whether it’s important or not. But I don’t care. I have this important gut feeling. Sorry Jake.” I said firmly.
“Are you sure though? I have a ‘gut feeling’ the thing you think you need to do is going back through the portal. I mean, no offense Melody, but I really just wanna sit down and take a break. I mean, we just started college! And we’re not superheroes or anything anyways!” Jake replied to me, his voice tense.
“Yeah, but...” my voice faltered. Jake took that as a yes and looked at the rest of us. We all looked uncertain, but in the end agreed with Jake.
“Now that that’s settled, I’d like to go back now,” Jake said, his voice relaxed again.
“Wait. Are you guys sure about this?” Brayden spoke up. He’d been quiet for the last few minutes, thinking to himself. “I don’t know if this is the right thing to do. Not that I’d don’t want to just lie down and get a rest, but I remember something from the time we went through a portal. There was someone. She was a girl with black hair and gray eyes. I don’t remember her name, but she had this aura... I don’t know, but I feel like I need to see her again. And not because I like her!”
I looked at him carefully, but then a shoot of pain ran through my head. I still hook myself then remembered; Brayden was my enemy! How’d I begun to believe in him again! That didn’t make sense, and yet I felt like I remembered her too somehow.
Jake shook his head and with an angry look just jumped down and flew away. “I’m going!” he yelled at us.
We watched his wings going away then reluctantly flew with him. I went back to my apartment. I didn’t see Taylor or any of the others, and just flew back on top of the building, which was surprisingly close to the clouds. Walking down the stairs, I saw our apartment door and ran towards it. It was too much to deal with in one day. I needed someone to talk to, someone to relax with-Cora!
I burst through the door, my eyes stinging with painful tears I didn’t know I had. Cora looked up from her computer, started to smile at me but then saw my expression and her grin faded.
“Are you okay!?” Cora rushed up to me and hugged me. I let my tears flow through and put my head down. “Oh no, Melody... come and have some chocolate. Chocolate helps everyone.”
I wanted to laugh at that, but I couldn’t. I let her give me the chocolate and I stuffed my face with it. It felt so good to be fussed by somebody and although I didn’t remember anything from the time I was in the portal, I felt as if something big and bad had happened. I just wanted to sleep, to forget about this, to be completely myself again.
Cora see,ed to be my mother, somehow understanding I didn’t want to talk about this right now. She just started bustling around, getting stuff out of the fridge and making me some food.
Before I knew it, there was chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven in front of me with chicken noodle soup, boiling. Cora gave me some milk to sooth the burning, and even made me take medicine which I almost puked on.
While I was eating she played my favorite song on YouTube, I’m The Next True Monster, by Melissa Heaven. Her voice was soothing and calm, making me remember days with my parents when I was younger. A memory of me laughing and eating cookies came up.
My mom had been sick that day. I didn’t know it at the time, but she had just been to the doctor and had found out she had a disease called balamuthia mandrillis. There weren’t any treatments or medicines that could help either. My mom would suffer the fate of knowing she’d die in almost a year while watching me completely oblivious to her fate. And while she was thinking all that, I was eating cookies and telling her about what happened in Math that day.
“Omg, Harris actually said that to Ms. Marinton! He actually did! We were all trying so hard not to laugh and the look on her face was murderous. I swear, if she had the right tools and ability, she would’ve murdered him right then and there...” I remembered me telling her those exact words that day. Another fit of sobs shook my body as I remembered my mother, who’d been laughing so hard and crying so deep.
“Melody. Melody!” Cora shook me. “Calm down. Calm down. It’s gonna be alright. Cause you know if there’s something wrong that makes you feel pain, at least you’re not actually feeling the pain. There’s someone out there who’s taking your real pain right now. Those feelings that are hurting you right now? That person is taking your place. They’re your twin sister you never knew you had. So take away your pain, so they don’t have to be cut so deep anymore either. So no more crying so hard until you finish eating, okay?” she said, trying to make me feel better. I nodded at her and continued eating.
When I was done, I put the bowl in the sink with Cora honking at me to go to my room and that she would do that stuff and I needed to go to sleep, and got changed. When I came out, Cora was there waiting for me.
“Okay! You are going to bed now, with a hot water bottle, so you will be all good later! Then you can tell me what happened.” Cora said, trying to make the mood brighter. I sniffed and replied, “Thanks Cora.”
Yeah, sleep’d help a lot. Maybe after this night I’d feel like a college student again. After all, I still love music! And I still am playing guitar. That’s all that matters.
Cora tucked me into bed after I went into my room (which, somehow had all my stuff back in it) and went under the covers. She heated up a water bottle and tucked it in too. I sighed with contentment and let my eyes close. Cora started to hum a soft tune that was soothing on my ears. It felt... so good.
“Thank... you,” I murmured. “For everything.”
She just smiled.
For anyone who doesn’t understand this first chapter, read the first book, ‘Help Me!’. And for anyone who does, well... good! I’m happy about that! Thank you all for supporting me this far. I’ll continue trying to write more and more as long as I can. Also, I know this sounds really self-absorbed but could you guys please read my other book, ‘My Songs’? I wrote them by hand and I kind of want people to criticize them so yeah... thanks. Bye everyone! Hope you enjoyed this chapter-

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