Three kittens,
Mercury, Venus, and Mars.
Mercury, Venus, and Mars.
Once their were two cats. Midnight and Solar. Midnight was a black she-cat, and Solar, was a boy tom-cat who was a black cat to but with white paws and a white tipped tail. One day, Midnight had three kittens. Her owner, Clover, was mean. She never fed Midnight, always kicked Solar out, because he was an ally cat. Midnight knew she had to escape or Clover might hurt her kittens. So, Midnight tried to sneak out. Clover had somehow woken up and chased her! Solar ran with Midnight and the kittens, which, they named, Mercury, the oldest, Venus, the middle kitten, and Mars, the youngest. Mercury, was a black cat with white paws. Venus, was a black cat to, with a white tipped tail. Mars, was all black, and was the only girl of the three. The family finally got away from Clover, and rested in some boxes. One day, as the kittens grew older, Midnight and Solar went to look for food. They never came back. Poor Mars, had no idea what happened, and Venus only understood a little. Mercury, he knew that they were not coming back. Which was why he couldn’t stop crying. “Mercury? Where Mom and Dad?” Asked Venus. “Their gone...” Mercury sighed. “What dose you mean, gone?” Mars asked confused. “Mom and Dad are gone! Their not coming back!” Mercury sobbed. Venus had a chill down his back. He knew what Mercury meant now. Soon Venus curled his tail around Mercury’s, and Mercury curled his tail around Venus’s tail. “No their not... Mom and Dada, always come back. They will come... Soon.” Mars said confidently, “Not this time... Mom and Dad are... Never... Coming back!” Mercury sobbed again. “He is right! Mom and Dad are... Are...” Venus sniffed, “Are what? Whats going on?” Mars asked, “Dead... Mom and Dad are dead....” Mercury finished. Mars, had no reaction at first. Then, slowly. She started sniffing. Then sobbing. Finally, a tear rolled down her face.
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