Chapter 2
Beauty of a woman with the tail of a fish
Do they long to be land?
Feet making prints in the sand
Could they fall in love with a human?
Do they tell stories of land dwellers?
Are they real or just a myth
Imagine a life of feeling weightless
Breathing liquid instead of air
Seeing things we never will
Deep down in the depths of the sea
Floating and swimming through rough and calm waters
With the fish, whales and otters
Fearing divers, nets and fishing lures
What a quiet and strange kind of life
Yet it is the only one they know
What must they dream and think?
Are they curious about boats that sink?
Perhaps they have schools
And family traditions
A diet of sea plants and fish for nutrition
Part 1: HorsePassion
Part 2: figment68
Part 3:
*I tag...libbykh822***
1. Please only use a single page story.
2. When making the chapter title put what part is next (part 2 , part 3, etc.) And please keep the title the same.
3. Write as a poem.
4. This book is only 4 chapters.
5. Forgive me if have made any mistakes in my tag game! This is my first one! Give constructive criticism, PLEASE!
6. Tag ONE person at the end of your part. And keep these same rules.
7. Nothing magical or magic related allowed!!!!!!!!!!!
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