Poetry On The
Middle School Blues
The prison we call “school”
We are forced to attend 5 days a week
We have no choice where we go
Or who we go with
Or who teaches us
Yet we spend 6 and a half hours there a day, 180 days a year, resulting in approximately 1,170 hours there a school year
From when we are 5 to 18 we go, not counting college, which you need to attend to make any money anyway
And there is nothing wrong with getting an education, but school isn’t just about that
We have to interact with other kids
And with this there is judgment
Older kids
And having to know who is friend
Or foe
It is all unnecessary
We are here to learn academics, right?
Well with all these crazy kids as distractions
How do you expect us to pay attention?
There are the kids who talk back
The trouble makers
The gossip/judgemental girls
The violent and fight provoking boys
The class clowns
The immature ones
The really odd kids
And everyone else
Who the heck thought it was a good idea to get all these tweens and teens
With different strengths
Different academic levels
Different morals
Different parents
And completely different personalities
Put them into one school
And expect them get along and learn?
Well let’s see how that turned out
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