Mill’s Point
The Pink Telegram
Sage was sitting at the table in her small home, reading her favourite book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. All of a sudden, she noticed the mail man at her families rusty, pink mail box. She rushed over and greeted the him and took the mail. The letter was pink, she hurriedly read the letter, then shouted “Ma, I have bad news, come to the kitchen!” her mother came rushing into the kitchen, and sat down at the table. She read through the letter, over and over again, biting her nails as she began to cry, “Clover, Austin, Dane come into the kitchen.” Sage’s Father, Dane, older brother Austin, and younger sister Clover wandered into the kitchen.
“My uncle Gavin died in the war just before it ended. I don’t understand why these letters can’t come any faster!” Sage’s mother Brook whimpered, then burst into tears. “ Austin, in his will, he left you, the games and guitar that you wanted.” Austin gave a nod of appreciation, “Clover, you got Chestnut the horse.” Clover sniffled. “Dane, you got the barbecue and stuff that you guys were talkin’ about.” “I got photo albums, and all his precious things. Sage, well, you got his house and all his animal, (other than Chestnut) in Mill’s Point!!!!!” that was amazing, because Sage is only fifteen!
You might be wondering why there was nothing of Gavin’s left for a wife or girlfriend, that is because he didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend. You also might be wondering why Gavin gave the house to Sage, not her mother or father? That’s because Sage would often come up to Gavin’s house before he got recruited to the army, and everyone knew that Gavin would give the house to Sage, they had agreed on it.
“Well,” Sage said hugging her mother tightly “ I guess we are moving to Mill’s Point.” she began confidently. “I mean it’s only a few hours away.” “ Well he gave you the house hun, it’s what he woulda’ wanted, plus, it’s much better than grubby little house!!!!!”
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