“Twice I’ll tell you, Twice I’ll remind. But still, the truth is left behind.”
Misty Fortune
It’s all very hard to explain.
Wait. No it isn’t.
You want me to explain it?
In the kingdom of Aklar, the Queen is equal rulers with her husband, the King. To become a queen, you must go to the Moon Academy to learn to be a princess. It’s the Sun Academy for princes. At the end of the year, one out of all the princesses is chosen to be queen. Most commonly, it’s a rich or intelligent girl. This only happens every 20 years.
Why isn’t this in practice anymore?
Some unfortunate things began to happen. it started with a young woman of the age 27 named Mirella.
What did you say?
You want to hear about it?
Well, that is very hard to explain.
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