m is for model. B is for Bella.....
M is for model and My new job.
At this point, P was for “Plumbing job” or my “Stupid job” which doesn’t even start with P which doesn’t matter. I hated this job. It gave me shivers and made me quiver at the thought of having to plumb out poo. Which wasn’t just normal poo, it was other peoples poo. I also only got 30 dollars for plumbing one home, unless they paid a tip, which rarely happened.
I was sitting in my office all alone waiting for another plumbing job when my boss popped by.
“Hello Bethany,” I looked up at my boss and smiled faintly.
“Only 20 more minutes for your break.” He reminded. I totally forgot it was my break. I jumped up and said: “Gotta go!”
He stared at me suspiciously. I raced towards a nearby bakery. I froze at a new sign I’d NEVER seen. It said: Tryouts and interviews for modeling jobs. I wrote down a number it said on the board and ran off.
I walked into the bakery without greeting my usual extra hellos.
“One blueberry muffin, right Bethany?” Asked my usual boy waiter.
I nodded grabbing my debt card. He handed me the debt machine.
“5.00,” He reminded me for it seemed, the millionth time.
I pressed the buttons so quickly I got the code wrong three times.
“Bye and thank you!” I said politely.
I checked my watch. I was already 2 minutes late for work.
I was sure my boss would be fine with that. But when I came back, my boss was yelling at me.
“Don’t be so SENSITIVE!” I yelled at him after he lectured me. And that was when it happened.
“You’re fired!” He shot back. I stood there like a tree stump.
My job was gone, unless I could get a modeling job.
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