Do you ever wonder what makes moderation so long?
Moderating a Reality
Moderating a Reality
Abbie, blondie, blue eyed, critic.
Ray, red head, green eyed, note maker.
Scene 1-INT
In the Storyboard Tower.
ABBIE: (marks another spelling error and fingers through her dictionary.) Ray, this kid has such bad spelling. I mean, who would even try to spell Extemporized!
RAY: (sighs as he writes a note about not copywriting Cinderella.) I hear you, I just finished a note on emoji’s so gross they almost made me puke.
ABBIE: (Eyes widen as her mailbox fills to the rim.) Oh no, the Challenge entries are in!
RAY: (holds two papers in front of his face.) These two are exactly the same thing!
ABBIE: (Rips a paper in two.) I am throwing this one out!
RAY: (Cocks his head.) Why?
ABBIE: (Looking horrified.) The character has my name...and is falling in love with a character named.... Ray!
Scene 2- EXT
Outside of The Storybird Tower.
ABBIE: (Hands the paper to Ray.)
RAY: (Folds the paper and puts in his back pocket) I actually did like you before this dumb story.
ABBIE: (Eyes widened.) You did?
RAY: (Blushes.)
The two sit silently.
RAY: (Rubs his arm nervously.) I... I like you ... A lot.
ABBIE: (Hugs Ray and walks back toward the building.)
Scene 3- INT
Inside the Storyboard building.
ABBIE: (Reads the story and murmurs to herself.) I will submit this.
RAY: (Shakes his head.) Are you sure?
ABBIE: (Smiles.) Yes, because I want the end to be a reality.
Abbie kisses Ray.
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