May 2017 Challenge
Mom’s Quotes
I thought my Mom’s Quotes were useless, but now I know they were all worth it
My life was horrible. From Carrie to my dad.
Everyday at school I get bullied. By my friends Carrie, Andy, and Kate. But before it wasn’t like that. Before we were friends. All of us, joined together. Then slowly, Carrie became meaner and meaner. Then she affected Andy and Kate too. Now, whenever I hang out with them, it’s ugly.
“Courtney! Come and get your food!” yells Mom from downstairs.
“Coming!” I yell back, frantically trying to pull up my socks. I run down the stairs then hop down the last step. Quickly glancing at the clock , I stuff the chocolate pancake in my mouth and grabbing a few more, I yell “Bye Mom!”
Without waiting for her to respond, I was gone. I jump on my bicycle and pedal as hard as I can.
A few minutes later, I run up the stairs of school. I wrap my fingers around the silver handle. I inhale deeply, then turn the handle. The sound of slamming lockers, thumping of feet, and talking of kids filled my ears. I look to see if any of my so called friends are there then run towards my locker. I pull out my homework for Math class and grab a few pencils and pens.
I slam My locker shut, then hear an unwanted voice. “Hey, gimme a pen. Mine ran out of ink.” I swing my head then see a girl with hair dyed blue hair and eyes that seem like black pearls.
“Why should I ?” I rebuttled, keeping in mind my mother’s quote;
Make sure to taste your words before you say them, it might have a wrong meaning.
“Because she said so.” said another voice behind Carrie, which was Andy.
“Yeah Cutnut-got a problem with that?” snapped Kate.
“N-no...,” I said cautiously, then gave her my most hated pen.
Carrie smirked at it. “Fine.” she said annoyingly. Then she flounced off with Andy and Kate trailing behind her.
“Hey, gimme a pen.” I said in a winy voice, imitating Carrie.
“Who were you talking to?” asked Clair. I heard that this girl was super shy, but usually brings out the best in people.
“Umm, can I talk later? I don’t want to be late. “I managed to make out, not wanting to talk in fear of me crying.
Hearing the bell, I ran off to class..
Listening to Mr. C drone on about acute, obtuse, and right angles, I get a ring from my phone. judging by the ring tone, it’s Mom. I plug my headphones and whisper, “Yes?”
“Hi Courtney! How’s it going?”
I sigh. “It’s- it’s going fine!” I say reassuringly.
“Uh-oh. Judging by your tone of voice, so far it hasn’t been good.”
I take a deep breath and explain to her what happened.
“Well, I’ll tell you something after school. It’ll make much more sense if I talk to you in person. Ignore them for now, completely.
Well, see you after school. Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.
At home, I nervously awaited my Mom to arrive home. To pass time, I started to re-watch the whole first season of Pokémon.
When I was halfway through the 4th episode, Clefairy and the Moonstone, I heard the door open. “Courtney? Are you home?” she yelled. I poked up from the couch and yelled, “No Mom!”
She giggled then told me to sit on the table.
“Now Courtney, I know that you’ve been feeling real low and these girla are... a bit corrupted.”
Now that’s a good word. I think to myself, then nodding.
“And you know, all these things have happened to me.”
My eyes go as big as headlights.
Mom laughed. ”Courtney, everybody goes through these stages,” she explained.
“It’s not always perfect with your friends. And you know....,”
Uh-oh, I think to myself, here comes a quote.....
She cleared her throat then said ;
Friends are not people who you’ve known longest, it’s about who’s walked into your life and said, “I’m here for you,” and proved it.
“Courtney, applying to the quote, do you think they’ve done that, even before they became bullies?”
I think back. I remember the time Kate accidently blew up the science lab during a science experiment, which she blamed on me.
I remembered the time when Carrie said bad rumors about me, and didn’t say sorry or stick up for me.
That’s when it clicked.
When everything made sense.
Who cares if they stick around me? Who cares if they spread rumors about me?
“Don’t worry about those who talk behind you back,” I said slowly,
“They’re behind you for a reason.”
I looked at my mother, who was grinning wide.
“I know,” I started, “I know what I need to do.”
Slowly, I could feel a smile, etching upon my face. I felt as though, as though that a fire was starting up in me. A fire that would never burn out. It would glow as bright as the sun, sending sparks in every direction, and the sparks would fly into another person, then they would have the same feeling as well.
I walk into school with a proud smile on my face. I immediately hear whispers, behind my back. I look at the gossipers then give them a big smile and a wave.
I kept repeating the same quote in my head;
Don’t put the key to your happiness in some else’s pocket- keep it in your own.
I slam my locker then see just who I was looking for. Clair.
“Can I,...umm, sit... with you at lunch?” she managed to say, looking at the floor as if ashamed of something.
I grinned. “Sure.”
She looked up hopefully, then gave me a grin.
We looked at each other in the eyes, then headed off to math, side by side, which we had together.
Day before yesterday was the day when Mom told me what to do. And now,
I’m ready for this.
“And I’ve been wondering since, ‘Can they for once calm down?’ ”said Clair ,giggling.
“Shhh,”I managed to make out of my giggles, “Mr. C’s coming!”
Mr. C walked in between the gap that was in-between me and Clair.
“All of you have a homework assignment that will require you to have one partner only. You will have to write an essay that describes all that you’ve learned so far this Trimester. This assignment is due by next month. Choose your partners wisely- Now off you trot!”
Clair and I sneak a glance at each other, then pack up and head out of class. As I’m walking out of class, I think, So far so good.
Guess who I walk right into?
Great! You guessed it!(Though you may have not)
Carrie Sanders.
I stay cool, just like I had planned. “Hey CareBear. How’re ya doin’?”I ask in a sickly sweet voice.
“Don’t call me that.” she muttered, her face turning red.
“What? But we’re friends Carebear, not enemies.” I say, batting my eyelashes innocently.
Carrie looked around, looking and saw a crowd had formed. I had heard that she said that I was lame and that she wasn’t my friend. So this was kinda a burn.
Her face turned even redder, and panicked at looking at all the confused and suspicious looks. I knew she wasn’t going to give up on all she has done to become popular. She proudly said, “ I was never your friend and was never going to be.”
I knew she was going to say this and unfortunately for her, I pulled out a note she wrote for me.
“Oh really?” , I say in a loud voice. “Then if you aren’t my friend, then what is this note you wrote to me?” I say, waving it high above my head for everyone to see, and catching people’s attention.
I read the note out loud;
Dearest Courtney,
Ever since I joined school, it feels as though I was the outsider, no-one liked me. A bunch of kids teased me of my hair and what I wore because I was from Texas. I was the loner until you came along. You came and told me; ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got your back’ and you did just that. The world seems as though its right side up when you’re around. You’re not just a friend to me, it’s like you’re my sister.
I hope you feel the same way about me,
Carrie S.
Carrie looked shocked when I read the letter.
“Carrie, we don’t have to be enemies, we can be a better pair, together! We can be the girls we used to be, doing everything together.” I say, looking into her eyes.
I reached out my hand.
“So what do you say?”
For a second I saw it. I saw the look that she had everyday, when we were best friends. A look filled with love and affection, not filled with arrogance, pride and disgust.
But it went back.
She humped and turned her back from me, then walked away.
I looked at Clair and saw that she had a happy/sad face.
I smiled sadly at her.
A peek at Courtney’s Diary.
Dear Diary,
Everything’s fine.
It’s finally alright.
Clair’s become my best friend. And I know she won’t leave me. Here’s a picture of me and her going to a park in Washington D.C.:
It was gorgeoso.
I hope that one day that Carrie, Andy, and Kate will finally be my friends again. And for what I’ve learned, listen to your Mom. Whether she says something that seems crazy, whether she tells you to leave your friends, just do it. Hey, and when I went down all the stairs of the Washington D.C. Monument I learned one thing:
Even in the darkest moments, even when people are putting you down just remember all these quotes and remember that;
When it Rains look for Rainbows,
When its Dark, Look for Stars.
Because one day everything will make sense, so for now,
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