What Is Moodle?
Jenny and John...
Hi jenny, hi john why you look worry?
Cuz tomorrow i got to take an exam about something i really do not know about it......
ok i understand my friend, so i would like to know what topic is?
ummmmmmm i so confuse about but the topic is something called Moodle..
oooooooooo i see, i was on the same situation the last year when i was on the computer subject, but do not worry my friend i will explain you what is Moddle about it allright..
ok Moddle in simple words is:
1-Moodle is learning platform that enables you to create courses, activities and communities online.
2- It’s open source software which means that it’s free to download and free to use - there are no licence costs.
I mean is a programm you can use to teach to a group of students topics trought online schedules activites or chats and also you can upload whatever you want and post so many things for the students or people your are in charge, its that make sence for you?
ummmmmmmm is a little bit confuse for me cuz i had never use that kind of tool before, but if you can explain just some more detalis i would get the point... please....
ok anyway, i will explain diferent in order to you get the idea..
Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment which makes it easy for you to provide online support for your course. Providing a central space on the web where students and staff can access a set of tools and resources anytime anywhere.
some advantages of using Moddle are:
- An easy way to communicate with students and staff where ever they are.
- A quick way to share documents.
- Easy access to relevant and useful online resources.
- Online assignment handling. did you understand what i mean?
yes jenny, than you so much for take your time and explain to me all the importants points about Moddle now i got the main information for the exam, i really apreciate that....
your are welcome dear, do not worry, if you want to know more about Moddle you can go to the website ok...

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