Chapter 1
He wakes up panting. His face wet with tears. Sitting on the bed, I rub his brown hair. The little boy hold his stuffed dragon tightly. “I don’t think Rocko (the dragon) likes you very much.” he says. “How come?” I whisper to him. “He ate off your head.” he answers.
I wipe his tears away. “You should go back to sleep.” I say. He huffs and gives me a sad face. “Goodnight Arvid.” I say as I tuck him tightly into his covers. “Goodnight Nyx.” he says.
I flick off the light and crack the door before grabbing my blue and purple cloak with constellations and my moon ring which I slip onto my right index finger. before sneaking out the window of my bedroom to the grounds of the chateau.
The full waxing gibbous moon illuminates the damp grass and gives the pond an eerie glow, but inside the forest, the tall trees make no way for the moon’s light. “Lux!” I whisper. A bluish ball of light glows a few feet in front of me and allows me to see better in the night. A few minutes into the forest, I spot my hollow willow tree. Inside, I collect a glowing bottle, and a wooden box. I drink the glowing liquid and open the box.
“Hello?” a voice calls.
“Tenebris!” I whisper. My blue light extinguishes and I stash the bottle and the box back inside the tree before climbing a up to its well leafed crown.
“Is someone out there?” the voice calls, getting closer. I crawl up tighter in my cloak. I can barely make out the figure, a tall boy with light hair. He walks closer until he is parallel with the willow. “Invisibillia!” I whisper; The boy turns. He’s staring straight at me, but he would never know it. He finally gives up a walks quickly the direction he came from, to a small cottage down the road from the chateau.
This isn’t the first night I’ve seen the boy. On the 21st of each month he hears me in the forest and sees my blue light. This is the closet he’s been before.
Climbing out of the tree, my invisibility spell wears off and I get my box and bottle out from the tree.
Opening the box, I pull out four small bottles and jars. One, a dark blue powder. Another, a bottle of a milky white liquid. The third, small silver stones. And the last, a pure white dust. Measuring careful amounts of each, the contents go into the bottle. The box (with its contents) and the bottle go back into the hollow willow. Then I travel back to the chateau, casting three more invisibility spells to make sure no one spots me.
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