Yes, Sir
“Traveron, get in here!”
The oaken door swung open with a crash, hitting the President of the United States squarely on the nose. After the Secretary of State sincerely apologized, the president asked him a simple question: “How many states do we have?”
“Fifty, sir.” Traveron cautiously replied.
“How many states does Russia have?” The president asked sneakily.
“They aren’t states, sir, but eighty three.”
“Oh. Drat. Well, how many presidents does it have?”
“Uh, one, sir.”
“Double drat. I guess it’s a tie. Well, how many hairs does President Usibtash Hobsovan have?”
“None, sir.”
“What did you call me?”
“Uh, sir, sir.”
“Call me ‘Your highest highness,’ Secretary.”
“Yes sir.”
“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” the President shouted at the top of his lungs.
“I said, ‘Yes, your highest highness’.”
“Oh. What were we talking about?”
“Russia, what?”
“Russia and hair.”
“No, Russia what?”
“Er, Russia and hair and presidents?”
“Secretary, I’m not in the mood for jokes,” the President stated wearily.
“Yes sir.”
“Yes, ‘your highest highness’.”
“Oh. Yes, your highest highness.”
“Did you just repeat what I just said?” the President queried.
“No; I added an ‘oh’.”
“Oh. I know this is totally off subject,” said President Gourdeater, “but call up the President of Russia immediately and tell him I have more hair than him.”
“Yes sir.”
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