The world of desperation
Mount Millbury
The Secret Behind the Closet
I had this dream once. It was the kind of dream that was all happy but soon it turned into a nightmare.
I just came home back from school, and I heard this creepy sound coming from upstairs. I carefully stepped on to each of the 13 stairs, bringing me up closer to the creepy noise. The door to my room was wide open, but I remembered that I closed my door and locked it to prevent my little brother from stealing stuff from my room.
Weird. Then I heard a meowing sound coming from the window side. I carefully opened the door even wider. The door has never made creaking sounds before!
I made eye contact with the cat.
She is completely black and looks like a nightmare. Her fur stood up and her tail straight. She hissed at me.
Then the black kitty jumped off the window – yes, she was on the window – and ran to the closet. After she ran into the closet, there were no more hissing sounds nor creepy sounds. I also ran towards the closet, eager to discover where the kitty had been.
There is no magic at all in the real world, so the cat could not have disappeared into thin air. Again, I carefully searched the closet.
I was pressing the walls like crazy, but then my hands came up to something weird. I turned on the closet lights, feeling stupid that I did not before, and looked at the situation.
There was a gigantic hole in front of me, the size of a pillow. I saw the glistening glow of a feline eye, and realized that the eye belonged to the black cat.
Then the door connecting my room and the hallway slammed shut. I was so scared that I did not even think and crawled into the hole. The journey in the hole did not last very long. I ended up in my parents’ closet.
There was another hole on the other side. I need to question my parents if they had ever seen the whole because we had been living here for 10 years. Feeling braver and having more courage, I crawled into the other hole. This hole was smaller and thinner than the other one.
The tunnel grew thinner as I crawled further. I winced at the horrible smell. Then the tunnel grew large.
I fell into a pool of murky water. Is this a prank? I have asked myself. It certainly was. In front of me loomed a huge purple portal. The black cat jumped inside. The tunnel is far above my head, so I have no way to get back up.
There was a gushing of water behind me, I turned around, and saw a river of drainage water coming at me. Without hesitation, I jumped into the portal – without thinking properly before.
The place looked very creepy, and there was no portal behind me. Well, I think it would take me a long time to get out. There were purple trees that were completely sharp at each branch tip. There is also water that is orange. The sky remained dark even though it was still daytime back where I was living.
The black cat still stood in front of me, rejoining her group of friends whom where all black, but one was crimson red.
“Emily,” a voice said behind me. What? My name is not Emily! I turned around and saw my mom.
She looked exactly like my mom, but instead, she was a witch. This place is like a Halloween land. My dad came behind me, but he was Frankenstein. What is this place? It is so weird! I want to get back home to my own family!
This place is not possible to live in. I need to jump into another portal and get me back home, or to another place not so catastrophic. Magic is used everywhere. Animals could fly. People could do extraordinary things.
I need to run away from this horrible place.
Then I woke up and realized that I was late for school. I arrived at school and there was no one there. Oops. I forgot that today was daylight savings time. My clock was on hour later than it is supposed to be.
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