Kyler chamberlin
Mr. owl
Chapter one: Hooooooooooo
“Hoo!” said Mr. Owl “What the...” rose said “ What’s that terrible noise outside” “ hoo” Mr. Owl said. rose couldn’t fall asleep! She walked outside and a deer came walking over to rose. The deer helped her find were the sound was coming from. “hello, is anyone here” said rose. “hoo, over here on the branch next to you” said Mr. Owl. rose looked next to her and saw Mr. Owl. “Oh,it was only you Mr. Owl” said rose. “es, you were only listing to me” said Mr. Owl. “Can you please stop, i’m trying to sleep?” said rose. “Yes, I most sertinly will” said Mr. Owl. Thank you Mr. Owl” said rose. Rose went into her house and the deer walked away.

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