For the Summer Writing Challenge
Mr. Snuggles
People may ask other girls my age, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The girls my age always answer, a princess, a doctor, or an artist.
But when people ask me, I cheerfully answer them, “A detective!”
I can see it now, Darcy the Detective, the greatest 6-year-old detective on the block!
One scorching sunny summer afternoon, I sat in my tree house, where I do all my detective business. I haven’t had any cases to solve for a while, so I just needed someone to come and tell me that they have a mystery for me to solve.
And sure enough, I heard someone climbing up the ladder too my tree house, most likely a new client.
It was Addy Adorable, the three-year-old down the street. Unlike her usual bubbly self, she looked upset. Also, she normally carries around her stuffed bunny, Mr. Snuggles. Now, Addy didn’t have Mr. Snuggles with her.
“Darcy! My Mr. Snuggles has been kidnapped! You’ve got to help me!”
A kidnapping, she says? Well, I’m the best person to solve this mystery.
“Where was the last place you saw him?” I asked. “And who was with Mr. Snuggles when you last saw him?”
Addy thought for a moment. “We were having a tea party at the playground just a few hours ago with some friends,” she told me in a hushed tone. “I slid down the slide with Mr. Snuggles, but dropped him. When I went to go pick him up, he was gone!”
From the sound of this, it sounded like Mr. Snuggles was kidnapped by one of Addy’s so-called “friends.”
“Which of your friends came with you?” I asked, knowing that there would be a lot. Addy Adorable was known for making friends easily.
Counting her friends off her fingers, Addy answered, “Candy Capricious, Beatrice Blue, Felicity Fancy, and Harriet Hare.“
Standing up from a chair I was sitting on, I told Addy, “Do you think you can bring your friends here?”
Addy nodded, and scampered to go find her friends.
“Don’t you worry, Addy. I’ll get to the bottom of this mystery,” I assured my client before she climbed down the ladder to the grass.
It took fifteen minutes for Addy Adorable to come back with her friends.
All six of us fit into my wooden tree house, and they all sat to face me. (Except for Addy, who sat next to me.)
Wanting to sound professional, I started, “You must be wondering why I’ve brought you all here today. I’m sure you all know Mr. Snuggles, Addy’s stuffed rabbit.”
Candy, Beatrice, Felicity, and Harriet all nodded slowly.
“Well,” I continued. “Were any of you aware that Mr. Snuggles was kidnapped earlier today? Based on my careful observations, one of you four are responsible for the kidnapping.”
The four girls looked at each other, confused. Could a kidnapper really be among them?
“Candy,” I addressed, and a girl with brown pigtails turned to me. She had patched overalls on, and a white shirt underneath. “Candy, what were you doing at the time of the kidnapping?”
“That depends,” Candy sheepishly replied. “When was Mr. Snuggles kidnapped?”
I left that question alone. I doubted that it would’ve been Candy, since she didn’t try to come up with an answer. I never said what time it was at, so there was no way for Candy to know when Mr. Snuggles was kidnapped. but, she could just be acting like she was clueless.
The next girl had everything blue on. Beatrice Blue. “Beatrice, where was Mr. Snuggles when you last saw him?”
“I was at the picnic blanket with everyone else. I didn’t see him after we went to go play on the playground,” Beatrice immediately answered.
“Likely story,” I thought out loud, going to the next suspect.
The next girl wore a necklace of real pearls around her neck, and wore a fancy outfit. Felicity Fancy “Okay, get on with it. I don’t have all day, you know,” Felicity remarked, all prim and proper.
Annoyed by Felicity’s rude remark, I asked her, “You have room of rare stuffed animals, right?”
Felicity nodded.
“Mr. Snuggles is considered rare stuffed animal. Have you always wanted Mr. Snuggles?” I asked, looking her straight in the eyes.
“Yes, I have wanted Mr. Snuggles,” Felicity answered, a bit less rude this time. “But I would never take him from Addy. She loves him so much.”
Felicity was a likely kidnapper. Maybe she just said that she would never take Mr. Snuggles just so it seems like she’s innocent. Plus, she has wanted Mr. Snuggles.
That brought me to the last girl, Harriet Hare. Just by her name, and looking at her clothes, I could tell that she liked bunnies. Her shirt was covered with bunnies, and she had a rabbit bracelet.
“Harriet, you seem to like bunnies,” I told her, but Harriet already knew that. “Have you ever been jealous of Addy’s possession of Mr. Snuggles?”
“When I first met Addy, yes,” Harriet honestly answered. “But I got Mrs. Snuggles last Christmas, so I’m not as jealous anymore.”
Harriet also seemed like a suspicious suspect. She said that she wasn’t as jealous, not that she’s not jealous at all. Also, she could’ve taken Mr. Snuggles to give her doll, Mrs. Snuggles, a partner.
I thought about the suspects for a few minutes, before I realized something that made it clear who took Mr. Snuggles.
“Addy,” I started, turning toward my client. “I know who took Mr. Snuggles.”
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