For the Summer Writing Challenge
Mr. Snuggles
Addy leaned in and asked “Who? Who took Mr. Snuggles?”
Candy, Beatrice, Felicity, and Harriet all scooted closer, as if they were waiting to hear the end of a campfire story. “Yeah! Whodunnit?” Beatrice asked.
“I just need to know one thing, Addy. Did you play in something like sand or dirt before today?” I asked, hoping she would say yes. If she did, I knew who took Mr. Snuggles.
Addy nodded and answered, “Yes, but I don’t see how that has to do with anything!”
Pausing for a second, I told Addy, “Well, I have good news and I have bad news for you. The good news is that none of your friends is the person who took Mr. Snuggles.”
Everyone, including Addy, gave a sigh of relief. “Good! I was hoping that I wouldn’t be falsely accused of the monstrosity of Mr. Snuggles disappearance!” Felicity exclaimed, still in her prim and proper tone.
“Well then, who did take Mr. Snuggles?” Addy asked, a little confused now. I guess she was confused because all the suspects were innocent, leaving no one to interrogate.
In a hushed voice, I answered, “I’m afraid Mr. Snuggles has been taken by the most wanted crook of all time... the wicked washing machine!
All the girls gasped. “You mean, Mr. Snuggles is going to be cleaned?!” Candy shouted, terrified.
“How dreadful!” Felicity cried.
Harriet stood up and declared, “Well, we have to save him! We have to save Mr. Snuggles from the wicked washing machine!”
Candy, Beatrice, and Felicity yelled in agreement, and Addy worriedly asked, “Darcy, are you sure it’s not too late?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know, because everyone’s wicked washing machine is different. We just have to go and see if he’s safe!”
Addy grabbed the toy gun in the corner of my tree-house and yelled, “Come on, girls! Grab your battle gear, and let’s go save Mr. Snuggles!”
The five girls quickly climbed down the ladder leading to the grass, and began to dash away. “Wait!” I shouted from the door of my tree-house.
They all stopped and turned to me. “You can’t face a wicked washing machine with just a toy gun! You have to be stronger than it! Come back and I’ll let you borrow a couple of the clothes I wear for times like these!”
After the girls threw multiple clothes out of my dress-up box, and put strange combinations of costumes over their regular clothes, they turned around to face me.
Addy had a police shirt on with a headband that made it look like you had bunny ears. “I’m a policewoman!” she eagerly shouted. “And I’m showing my bunny spirit with the headband!”
Candy had a stranger combination. She had a panda mask, a crown on her head, and a pink superhero cape. “Duuuh-duh-duh-duuuuuuuuuuuh!” Candy sang. “I’m Princess Power Panda!”
Beatrice turned around at the same time with a blue wig, and another superhero cape that was blue. Behind the cape was a pair of wings from the time when I dressed up as a fairy for Halloween. “And I’m Princess Power Panda’s trusty sidekick, Bluebird!” Beatrice announced.
Felicity had a knight costume on, and told us, “Well, it’s not as great as being a princess, but I’m a knight in shining armor!” (I didn’t have the guts to tell her that it was my brother’s costume.)
Harriet turned around last with a onesie that looked like a bunny and said, “I’m a bunny!”
“Now let’s go rescue Mr. Snuggles!” Addy shouted.
All of us quickly left the tree-house, and ran to Addy’s house. Except for Candy, who was being pulled in a wagon by me to make it look like she was flying.
One of the doors to Addy’s house was unlocked, so we all went through the door and followed Addy to the wicked washing machine’s lair... the laundry room.
We quickly found the laundry room, with the wicked washing machine sitting inside the room, but in the dark.
“I’ll light the room up!” Beatrice shouted as she flicked the light-switch.
Everyone gasped when we now saw that Mr. Snuggles was sitting on top of the washing machine, like he was getting ready to be cleaned.
“We’ll save you, Mr. Snuggles!” Harriet shouted.
Addy had my toy gun, so she shot one of the suction-cup bullets, hitting the wicked washing machine on the middle. The suction-cup bullet stuck, and Addy victoriously yelled, “I got him!”
Sine Addy couldn’t reach Mr. Snuggles from the height he was at, I gingerly took Mr. Snuggles, who honestly did need a bath, and gave him back to Addy.
“We saved you, Mr. Snuggles!” Addy joyfully screeched as she took Mr. Snuggles from me and gave him a huge hug.
“Mr. Snuggles, say thank you to Darcy for helping us find you!” Addy told her doll, turning him around so he faced me.
“Thank you!” Addy thanked, trying to make it look like Mr. Snuggles was the one who was talking.
Playing along with Addy, I told “Mr. Snuggles,” “You’re very welcome, Mr. Snuggles. Thank you for finally giving me a good case.”
“So, another case solved for Darcy the Detective?” Harriet asked.
“That’s right, Harriet,” I replied. “Darcy the Detective has cracked the case!”
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