Orignal storY.
The first kill.
“Hey jasmine look at that house’’ says Jackie pointing to a house “ yea...... that’s our vacation home for winter break?’’ Jackie says surprised ‘’huh, that’s not where I’m staying for my winter break!, this place is a DUMP!” Says jazz “ We have no choice we already payed for it and we’re splittingthe rent.” says jasmine “ I’ll still pay my share but I’m going to a 4 star resort down the street“ “Fine with us but before you go what if it is just ugly on the outside and just like a 4 star resort on the inside come on you know like those really ugly hotels but end up being really nice and have a hot tub and pool and a bowling ally and a-“ OK!, I get it ill stay for 10 minutes and then I’m bouncing unless it’s really like a resort.’’ “ yeah you might just want to leave this is just horrible’’ says jazz looking in the house’s front door. “Hello I’m curder” “Did you say murder !!” says Jackie “No” “Sorry this place gets a heart racing real quick.’’ “Yeah about that get out!” “Why did you rent this place to people if you don’t want them here?” “Because you pay me online then leave or I murder you and dont think this is all going to come back on me no ones been able to pin anything crime related on me since 1962 which is when my first renter came to this glorious house and then her life ended when she refused to leave. Over the past years all the murder has started to shine through the walls and the house’s lively-ness faded but I kept the picture on the website so I’d get Renters.” “Your recording this right?” Jazz whispers to Jasmine. “Yes I started recording when he said 1962.’’ ‘’ Oh trying to record are we?’’ Said curder in a angry voice just then the light flicked on and off then- ( read next chapter to fin out Please keep in mind all the chapters are in the process of being Edited thanks for understanding ;)

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Chapter 2

chapter 2 The Wake up call.

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