Murder On 25th Street
The sun shone brightly in the late summer afternoon in Orlando Florida. Anna Jones sat on the very old swing that was perked up on the front porch of her house, as a light breeze swiftly lifted her long auburn hair off her shoulders. She sat there focused on one of the pages, of one her favorite mystery books.
Anna absolutely loved mystery novels. She always had one wherever she went. She often wished she could solve a mystery. Though as awesome as that sounds, she would much rather prefer to write about the murder, not leaving out not one detail. It had always been her dream, to someday become one of the many famous reporters, and to also talk and laugh with them like she belonged.
Her Uncle was a reporter. She had wanted to visit him over the summer, so she could learn more about Journalism, and also get some tips, on how to improve her writing, which, Anna thought needed a lot of work, as to the work she had written a few weeks ago. Unfortunately her father had sternly said no, when she had asked him if she could visit her Uncle over the summer. He never told her why she couldn’t visit, which appeared weird and strange to Anna.
As she read her book, she heard her fathers loud shoes stomp against the hard wood floor, as he neared the front porch. As her father drew closer, she saw his face pop out from behind the small opening of the porch screen door. He had a small smile spread across his small round face.
“Anna, come inside, your mother and I have some exciting news to share with you” He said. “Okay”, replied Anna.
Mr. Jones, then turned on his heel, and headed into the living room of their house. Anna then rised from the bean bag, she was seated on, and followed her father, anxious to hear about the ‘exciting’ news.
She entered the living room, and seated herself on the other end of their blood red couch, just as Mr. Jones; Anna’s Mother, sat down on the couch beside Mr. Jones. They then share a knowing smile, before facing Anna.
Mr. Jones cleared his throat and starts “Anna, as you can see, you have asked us multiple times as if you could Robert in New York. He paused before he continued.
“Your Mother, and I are going to be going off on a business trip to Chicago. We have had a very long talk, and we have decided to let you visit Robert, only for two weeks through” he finished, as a wide smile spread across his round face again.
“Really?!” Anna burst out, as excitement filled her whole entire body. “Yes really” her mother replied, also smiling. Anna then squeezed her parents into a big hug.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you” She exclaimed. “Oh, I forgot to mention, your flight will be leaving tomorrow afternoon, so you might want to start packing” he Mother added.
Anna nodded eagerly and headed upstairs to her bedroom, surprised that she would be leaving so soon.
It was an especially warm day, as Jake Walton walked down the sidewalk. His footsteps echoed behind him, as he walked. He bobbed his head in time with the music, his headphones plugged in.
He finally reached a surprisingly large building, but people in New York here thought it was normal to live in an apartment that you could see the clouds through your window. He entered the building, and hopped in one of the elevator’s. He pushed a few buttons, and the elevator darted upward.
A minute later, the doors departed, and he hopped off. He walked down a long hallway, and finally reached his destination; his apartment. He took out his key’s from the back pocket of his jeans, and sticked it into the little whole, which makes the door open.
He entered the apartment expecting, his Mother sitting on the couch, eyes focused on the TV, popcorn in hand with a blanket rapped around her as she watched. Instead, he opened the apartment door, only to see that the TV was off, and so were the lights. There were no bits of popcorn on the floor, and no signs of anybody in the apartment.
Suddenly, he noticed a blur of pink on the kitchen counter through the dark. He switched on the lights, and realized it’s a pink piece of paper sitting on the counter. He headed towards the small kitchen, and grabs the note off the counter.
Dear Jake
I have to work late tonight.
There are some leftovers in the fridge from last night, heat up and eat. Also please do not go anywhere!!!
Love Mom
Jake sighed, as he read the note. He never got to see his Mother that much, and his Father left since he was three years old.
He placed the note back on the counter, and opened the fridge. He surveyed the foods, but found nothing worth eating. He then opened the freezer, and took out the huge box of chocolate chip ice cream. He then placed three scoops of ice cream, in a medium sized bowl, and headed into the living room. He then plopped down on the comfy couch, and turned on the TV.
He stared at the television, as he stuffed large bites of ice cream into his mouth, while watching some dumb reality TV show.
“Scarlett, come down here please!” Scarlett’s father, yelled from down the steps. “Coming!” Scarlett replied, as she grabbed the remote, and turned off the TV.
She walked down the hall, and down the steps towards the living room. Her father was sitting on the sofa, as she approached him. “Yeah, Dad?” she said. “Come sit down, Scarlett” he said, as he motioned his hand toward the other end of the couch.
Scarlett obeyed, gracefully sitting down, and looked at her father, awaiting the news. “Tomorrow, my brother’s daughter, Anna will be coming, and she will be staying for about two weeks” said her father.
Scarlett smiled, delighted to hear that another girl would be staying in the house. Ever since her Mother had passed, she lived with her father, and nobody else.
Now that there was going to be someone else in the house Scarlett was especially excited. “Awesome, can’t wait to meet her” Scarlett exclaim. “Great” her father replied awkwardly.
Scarlett then got up from her seat and said to her father “I’ll be in my room if you need me” She paused, and then headed up the stairs, and into her room, and shut the door.

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