Murder On 25th Street
Anna stood at the edge of the sidewalk near a very old looking bench that stood against a large brick wall, clutching the handle of her suitcase tighter in the palm of her hand, as she surveyed the faces of people in bundles of crowds, as they passed by, trying to find her Uncle, and cousin.
She sighed, as she looked around. A sick feeling was starting to grow in the pit of her stomach, and she very much did not like it. She clutched her stomach with her other hand as she sat down on the rough, old looking bench. She had been waiting for her Uncle for almost about fifteen minutes, and she still had not caught even a glimpse of him.
The plane ride wasn’t that long, Anna thought as she continued to survey the crowds of people, as they walked by. Actually, Anna had slept through it, after she had a small snack that concluded of a tall glass of cold milk, with a small plate of chocolate chip cookies, piled high.
Anna had turned off her phone so her parents wouldn’t call, and so that she would not have to tell them about how Uncle Robert hadn’t come to pick her up. She knew that right then and there, her parents would make her come back home and continue reading for the rest of the summer. Though she loved reading-especially mystery novels- she did not want to over do it.
She looked at her watch. 4:20, it read. Her Uncle was supposed to pick her up twenty minutes ago. Now that feeling in the pit of her stomach was starting to grow, by the minute which made Anna even more anxious, but definitely not in a good way.
She took a deep breath to calm herself down, when suddenly, a voice that was surprisingly very loud boomed over all the noise coming from the crowds that were packed on the bustling streets. “Anna Jones? Is there an Anna Jones here please?” the voice boomed. To Anna’s surprise the crowds of people didn’t even glance at where the voice was coming from.
I guess that’s how New York City works, she thought.
Immediately Anna stood up on top of the bench and started waving her hand, just at the same time, as she searched the big crowds. “I’m right here!” she yelled.
She then saw her Uncle, as he tried to get past the crowds. He was wearing slacks, with a button down shirt. He also looked fairly young, maybe in his 30’s. She also realized, a girl about her age standing beside him. “Uncle Robert! I’m over here!” She screamed, as she waved her arms in the air hopefully.
He finally spotted Anna standing on the bench, waving her arms. He waved back, and started pushing through the crowds, trying to get to her. Finally, after what seemed like forever, which was actually five minutes, he finally reached Anna, and started helping her down off the bench, as Scarlett trailed behind him. She stood there awkwardly, as Anna finally got off the bench, and gained her balance.
“Hi Uncle Robert!” she exclaimed with a smile spread across her face. “I’ve been waiting for you, for like twenty minutes, where have you been?” She added. “Sorry, for the delay, had some things to rap up at the office” he replied. Anna nodded in understanding, just as she noticed Scarlett a little off on the side, looking at the ground. Uncle Robert noticed and introduced the too.
“Anna, this is my daughter Scarlett, Scarlett this is your cousin, Anna. Scarlett shyly waved. “Hi” Anna said, and put her arm out for Scarlett to shake. Scarlett shaked Anna’s hand, but said nothing.
“The car’s over there” Uncle Robert said, as Anna traced his hands toward a huge parking lot, loaded with different types of cars. Anna’s eyes grew wide, as she looked through the bundle of cars. Uncle Robert chuckled when, he saw the look on her face and said “That’s how New York City works”.
They then started walking, down the street and eventually got tangled up with the huge crowd, walking down the street. After about ten minutes they finally reached the parking lot. They continued walking in silence, as they searched for the car, that belonged to Uncle Robert.
Uncle Robert, suddenly pulled to a stop in front of a shiny black Honda Accord. “Nice car” Anna implied, as Uncle Robert opened the trunk, and placed her suitcase in. “Thanks” he replied, and opened the front door. They then all entered the car, and he turned on the car, and darted forward, and out of the parking lot.
They then drove off in silence. Anna was fairly surprised that Uncle Robert had not asked about her Father, or anything else. It seemed strange that he didn’t seem to care about what his brother was up to.
Jake stood, at a corner near the sidewalk, trying to sell newspapers to people, as they passed by. He usually did a great Job in selling them, but lately sale’s were low. He sighed, as he sat down on the hard rough ground, as people walked by.
Then out of nowhere, a tall man stood in front of Jake, his shadow falling against Jake. He looked up, and smiled, as he saw who it was. Sam Hunters. He was one of the few people that always bought a newspaper, even if they were not going to read it.
“Hey” Jack said. “Hello” Sam replied, as he helped Jake up to his feet. “What are you doing here, you don’t usually come until six o clock.” Jake questioned. “Got out of work early today, anyway, I was just wondering, if you would like to come to my office tomorrow, and help me clean up and stuff. I will pay you the money in replacement of selling the newspapers tomorrow”.
There was a long silence, as Jake thought it over. Tomorrow, he wouldn’t have to stay on the busy streets of New York city, and sell newspapers to people who don’t really seem to even notice him. Instead he could be in an air conditioned room with one of the many great, and famous reporters in New York City.
“Okay, sure” Said Jake. Sam smiled and said “I knew you wouldn’t turn down an offer like this. Meet me here tomorrow at ten thirty in the morning got it?” Jake nodded. Sam then pulled out his wallet, and got out five dollars, way more than how much the actual newspaper cost. He gave the money to Jake, and grabbed a newspaper. “See you then, oh and keep the change” Sam exclaimed, as he walked down the street the other way.
Jake smiled, as he picked up his newspapers, and started trying to sell his bundle of newspapers that were squished in his right hand.
Anna entered the large house, that was said to be her Uncle’s. She was amazed at how big the house was. It was actually a Mansion, Scarlett had told her on the ride there.
When they had gotten there, the outside looked absolutely glorious.
Tall fresh, healthy looking pine trees lined the long driveway. Flowers blossomed everywhere, which made the outside of the Mansion even more glamorous. Out of the corner of her eye, Anna had noticed something. She got out of the car, and ran towards it, only to be faced with the sight of a ginormous tree house that hung in the air. Wow, Anna thought as she kept on staring at the tree house. Scarlett had come up beside and said “You should see the inside, it looks way better than the outside”.
Scarlett was warming up to Anna. Anna seemed so nice, and carefree, which Scarlett admired about her. Anna spoke her mind, and didn’t care what other’s said about her, something Scarlett could never be able to do.
Scarlett, had then showed her the large tree house. It looked amazing, even better than the outside. There was a large bright green couch that sat at one corner. On the other was a desk, and chair, papers scattered around. Scarlett usually sat there drawing pictures, and making up stories to go with them, but she had never told anyone about it before. She was afraid she would get laughed at, and that people would think it’s silly.
Anna then picked up one of the papers, and had stood there looking at it for a long time. “Did you write this?” she had asked. Scarlett nodded in response, expecting Anna to burst into fits of laughter and say it’s so stupid, but instead she had said “this is amazing. I love your writing, and your descriptions, you should become a writer, or maybe an Author”.
Scarlett stood there in shock, but finally managed to choke out “Thanks”.
Anna smiled in return, and had said “Let’s go get my stuff, and get settled in” and with that they got out of the tree house, and back to the car to get Anna’s stuff.
After getting the stuff, they entered the house. There was a long hallway, in which they followed, that led to an enormous living room.
“Wow” Anna said. “Come on” Scarlett said, as she started up a long stack of stairs. They headed up, and eventually ended up in a long hallway, with rooms from side to side.
“How many room’s do you have?” Anna questioned, as she looked around the hallway. “I’m not really sure” Scarlett replied, as they continued down the long hallway. Finally, they reached two doors that sat next to each other. The door on the right had a huge sticker with letters that read Scarlett’s room on in it, and the other one also had a large sticker with letters that read Anna’s room.
“So, this is going to be your room, for the rest of the two weeks, that you’ll be staying here. Dad decided we have our room’s next to each other, just in case you need anything, you can just knock on my door, not so far away okay?” Scarlett exclaimed. Anna nodded in response, and added “Thanks. Oh, and where is Uncle Robert anyway?” Scarlett shrugged, and said “he’s probably outside parking the car, or checking on something. In the meantime, you should probably go settle in” she motioned towards Anna’s room.
Anna nodded, and opened the door. She just stood there her mouth wide open, as she examined the very large room, in which was occupied by a large pink canopy bed in the middle of the room. To the side was a beautiful matching dresser. A desk and chair was to the other corner. There was also a very nice rug in the center of the room, that made the room even more sparkly. And also a small pink couch, that looked very comfortable. Anna had always dreamed of having a room like this since, she was little girl, and now finally she got to have it. I’m going to make the most out of this little vacay, she thought.
“Whoa” was all Anna could say, as she stepped into the room. She then slipped off her shoes, and wiggled her toes, as they met the softness of the rug, that was centered in the middle of the room. Anna smiled happily, as she hopped onto the bed, and started jumping up and down wildly.
Then suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Anna got off the bed, and said “come in”. Uncle Robert popped his head through, and smiled as he said “I see your enjoying your room huh?” “yep” Anna replied, as she nodded her head in agreement.
“Get ready, because tonight, were going to be going to a new restaurant in town. I also have some exciting news to tell you” he said. Surprised, Anna said “Okay, where are we going?” “It’s a surprise” Uncle Robert replied, and smiled mischievously, while closing the door behind him.
As Anna, looked around her room, she realized a door near the entrance to the room. She went and opened it, only to be faced with the sight of one of the few most cleanest bathroom’s in the world. Not only did she get to have her dream room, but she didn’t have to share a bathroom, with an older and very obnoxious brother. Thank goodness he had gone away for the summer.
Anna then took a quick shower in the bathroom, and got dressed. She went downstairs, and found her uncle, sitting in the living room on the couch, focused on the TV. As she approached, he noticed her, and said “You look great, Scarlett should be down in a minute”. Anna nodded and sat down on the other end of the couch. She then turned around and looked at the TV screen. It was some kind of reality TV show. Boring she thought.
She turned towards her Uncle, and said “I love your house. You must be seriously famous to have all these really expensive things”. Suddenly Uncle Robert seemed a bit nervous, as he nodded his head in response. “Yep, I absolutely love my job” he exclaimed.
Anna studied him, as he fidgeted with his fingers nervously. Why does he seem so nervous she thought. Then out of nowhere Scarlett came rushing down the steps. “Sorry, I took so long” she said between deep breaths. “No, you came just in time” Uncle Robert exclaimed, as he quickly stood up, and added “Come on, let’s get going”. He then opened the front door, and they all headed out the door.
They walked out of the house, and got into the car. Uncle Robert then zoomed away down the street, and into town.
After about ten minutes they reached a very fancy restaurant, that stood out from all the other stores and shops around it. In the front it read Heavenly Angels. They got out of the car, and into the restaurant. They found a table in one corner of the restaurant, and sat down. A waitress then came to take their order. “Hello, i’m Betty and welcome to Heavenly Angels, what would you like to order?” she asked.
Anna grabbed the menu, and examined it, while Uncle Robert said “I would like a burger please” “me too” replied Scarlett. “Um, I think I’ll have a burger too” Anna added. “Okay, three burger’s coming up” the waitress said, as she jotted the order down on a notepad, and headed toward the kitchen in the back.
“So, I have some great news to share with you” Uncle Robert said after the waitress was out of ear shot. “What’s the ‘great’ news you’ve been babbling on and on about” Anna replied, with a smile on her face. “Yeah, tell us” Scarlett added. Her father looked surprised to hear her actually talking to him, and being so normal. He felt happy, and sad at the same time.
“So, as you both know Anna will be staying because she would like to know more about journalism right?” Uncle Robert exclaimed. Scarlett and Anna nodded, as he continued. “So, I have made arrangements for you both to come with me to my office, and learn more, about journalism, and being a reporter”.
Anna’s eyes’s widened in shock. “Are you serious?” Uncle Robert nodded with a smile. “That’s awesome!” Scarlett exclaimed. Their burgers then came, and they dug in. “These burgers are amazing!” Anna gushed, as she finished the last bite of her burger.
Uncle Robert looked at his watch, and said “Whoa, it’s already nine thirty, we should get going, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow”. They all got up, and Uncle Robert paid, and they headed out to the car.
Ten minutes later, they got out of the car, and into the huge mansion. Everybody said goodnight, and headed into their rooms. Anna changed into her Pj’s, and climbed into bed, imagining how tomorrow would go. She couldn’t wait!
She closed her eyes and drifted into deep sleep, the excitement of tomorrow, still with her, as she slept.

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