Murder On 25th Street
“That’s impossible, we just saw him, earlier in the afternoon, and he seemed fine” Scarlett said with disbelief. “Well, it is, take a look for yourself” Anna said as she backed away a little, giving Scarlett enough space to peer through and look at the face of the dead man’s body.
Scarlett gasped, as she too realized it was Jack Dowell, on the floor bleeding. She didn’t know what to say, so she just backed away quietly. She took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves.
Suddenly the sound of a police car was heard from a distance, and before they knew it, the police had arrived. She looked up at the Man next to her and asked “Did you call the police?”. The man silently nodded. He seemed to be trembling and looked very scared.
The police arrived in minutes. They quickly secure the scene with yellow tape. An ambulance is called, and within minutes they arrive, and take Jack Dowell away. “I would like you three to come with me please” A police officer that looked to be the head, said to Anna, Scarlet, and the man.
Scarlet felt like she was going to throw up. She had never been arrested or even anything close to that ever in her life before. “B-but we didn’t do anything, I swear, we were just walking by and we saw, and that we should check it out...” Scarlet started to nervously ramble, as they walked towards a police car.
“Pleas, officer, I swear to you, we did not do anything wrong” Scarlet continued. Anna nudged her, and gave her a look to stop talking. She took a deep breath to calm down, and finally quieted herself down.
They got into the backseat of his car, and the police officer drove off. The man didn’t look at all familiar, and seemed to be in a slight daze, as he looked out the window. “What’s going to happen to us?” Scarlet whispered to Anna, seemingly worried. “I don’t know” Anna replied.
“I don’t know”.

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